Yuban Coffee Review: Flavorful, Intricate Medium Roast Arabica Coffee

South American Arabica beans are known for its aroma and rich taste. One brand that currently offering an authentic Arabica coffee is Yuban coffee. If you coffee lovers are curious about the brand and how it taste, go ahead and read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Yuban Coffee
– How many variants are there
– How the Yuban Coffee taste
– Will Yuban Coffee suit your taste

About Yuban
Yuban is a brand of coffee that owns by Kraft. This coffee have a long history as a well-known South American coffee brand. The coffee brand history dates back to 1860 with a famous roaster named John Arbuckle. Arbuckle then invented original Yuban blend in 1905, which name is derived from Yuletide Blend and only use South American beans in it. Yuban coffee originally only made with fresh coffee and only served as holiday blend that available to dinner guests and as gift to his close friends. But after Arbuckle’s death, the blend then available to the public.

Yuban Coffee Variants
In present day, Yuban comes in sealed can, canister, and single serving K-Pods. Coffee pods is designed to be used with coffee machine. The company claims that they are still using 100% premium Arabica beans. Yuban also available in more modern versions, such as decaffeinate and organic coffee. They also separate the roast between medium roast and dark roast. Medium roast have higher caffeine than dark roast, so for those who are not good with high caffeine coffee, you may want to opt for the dark roast. All of their package is using resealable container to keep your coffee ground fresh.

Yuban is known for its relation with Rainforest Alliance after the brand is awarded with certification for their ecologically sensitive farming methods to grow at least 30% of its beans, which means that at least 30% of Yuban coffee is organic and not using fertilizers and pesticides to grow them.

Yuban now have changed their look and ingredients. In the past Yuban is known for its rich medium roast Arabica, which comes in a can/canister. Many people love this version compare to the new one. Even though the company doesn’t state anything regarding the change in product description except that the beans comes from lush areas of South America. They can’t give information about the blend, since it is proprietary and this lead to many dissatisfaction among their consumers.

If you look Yuban coffee in their site, you can see that the new version is not stating “100% Arabica” anymore and only stating “100% pure coffee”. This statement indicating that there are some Robusta in its blend and no longer “only Arabica”. There is no clear reason why the brand change its ingredients, but this change does affect some of its consumers perceptions about the brand.

Yuban Coffee Taste
Regardless the ingredients, Yuban coffee is still as good as ever. The most famous Yuban roast is the previous version medium blend, which we use as an example in our picture above. One thing you can expect from this blend is the rich flavor and robust aroma of 100% Arabica. The Arabica are taken from South America and roasted in California. The coffee ground is protected by hard-shell container to protect it from moisture and heat to keep the quality. In each canister, you will be given 44 ounces of grounded coffee, which can be used to make 325 cups of coffee.

- Yuban Original Medium Roast Premium Ground Coffee 44oz

All in all, people taste might be different, but it is rare to find a coffee drinker who will refuse a nice cup of caffeine from 100% Arabica. For you who loves rich and aromatic with a hint of chocolate and caramel from South American Arabica, we highly recommend you to try Yuban coffee.

Yuban Coffee Review: Ingredients
100% pure coffee

Yuban Coffee Review pros:
– Aromatic
– Rich in flavor
– Have decaffeinate version

Yuban Coffee Review cons:
– The taste may change in their newer version

Yuban Coffee Review: Price
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