steam_logo_1200-e1470538819165Vandy STEAM Group, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN; Sept. 2016-present

STEAM stands for Science & Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries, and it is a project initiated by the Emerging Scholars Network and Fuller Theological Seminary, funded by the John Templeton Foundation. The goal of the STEAM project is to create Faith/Science curriculum for young adult small groups. I am working closely with a campus ministry to engage and critically evaluate this curriculum.

Science and Religion Reggae Rap Song, original, in progress

Currently collaborating with Dr. Dia Liggons, a theologian and rapper, on an original science and religion reggae rap song that encourages dialogue between science and faith communities. It explores the idea that science and religion don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Status: vocal and music tracks have been recorded, and the song is now being mastered. Next a music video will be recorded and released TBA.

March for Science and Climate,
Nashville, TN; April 2017

Served as a volunteer on the Singing and Chants Team. Helped write original chants, and consolidate chant suggestions from volunteers.