Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 vs CF097

Coffee maker is one of important kitchen appliance to have if you are a coffee drinker. Not only it can serve your coffee without being monitored, it also can make a huge serving at once, so it is great to save more time. In today Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 vs CF097 article, we are going to compare these two popular coffee brewer from the same manufacturer to give you information about them and if there is any, how they are separated from each other.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF097
– What Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF097 Look Like
– What Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF097 can offer to you
– Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 vs CF097

About Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 or CF097
As one of the most popular beverage in the world, coffee is drank by people in every continent. The popularity also inspires people to make product and appliance to ease the process of serving coffee and the most widely used is coffee maker since it is very useful but still pretty much affordable, so it can be used by wider consumers. One of good option when it comes to coffee maker is Ninja and in this article we are going to talk about their CF091 and CF097 model.

These two are very similar to each other and before we are going to more details on them later on this article, we would like to give a little spoiler because these two are exactly the same machine and only differentiate based on the accessories they come with. The accessories may benefit you or not depend on the user itself, but you should not expect some big improvement or gap from one model the other since the main set is still the same. Read also: Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 vs CF092 here.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 or CF097 Design
Looking at Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF097 from the outside, we are sure you are already able to tell the similarity and notice that the brewer is having the same build, but you can also see that CF091 is using a glass carafe while the other is using stainless steel thermal carafe. These brewer are not too small or too big but should be still compact enough to be placed in your kitchen counter.

Since they are using the same machine, the method to make coffee are also the same. Even though they have different carafe, the maximum capacity is still the same 50 oz. or around 10 cups which is why these two are great to have if your family are drinking coffee since you can serve them in one go. The amount of coffee you need to use is also important since it can affect the taste. The company recommend you to use 8 to 12 tablespoon or 4 to 6 big scoops of coffee ground when brewing for full carafe.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 or CF097 Features
Now, let’s talk about what Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF097 can offer to you with their set of features. As it has been mentioned earlier, what set them apart prominently is the carafe because, Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 is using glass carafe while Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 is using stainless steel thermal carafe with the same 50 oz. capacity. Since they have different carafe, their machine is also a bit different because glass carafe will need warming plate to make the coffee stay warm and thermal carafe can retain heat even though without any heat from outside.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF097 are offering a numerous setting that you can access from their control panel located at the front of these brewers. These machines are boasting their Auto-iQ one touch intelligence system which makes them so easy to use and no matter whether you ever use a brewer or never before, we are sure by reading the manual you can instantly make delicious coffee. Its one touch system will let you customize the beverage as you like.

You can see all the options available to customize your coffee in the control panel. You can choose between classic brew to get smooth and balanced flavor, rich brew which is richer than classic with smooth texture and perfect when combined with milk and cream, over ice to make a good iced coffee without being too watery, specialty with strong taste suitable for milk based drinks, and café forte to achieve deep, full-bodied and complex flavor from your coffee ground.

Both of these machines also offer a wide range of coffee sizes besides the full carafe; you can pick regular cup, extra-large cup, travel mug, extra-large multi serving, and half carafe. Please keep in mind that each of these size with each of the brew type will also create different strength and taste in your coffee. It is good to try them one by one after purchasing,so you can pick which suit your preference better.

Not only able to produce a coffee with a great taste, Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF097 are also coming with frother. This frother is different from what you can get in an espresso machines since they work in different mechanism. However, it is still useful to create foam in your milk for any coffee and milk based beverages like lattes. The delicious coffee in your carafe is made using the advanced thermal technology which will heat the water to ideal temperature and giving the proper extraction from the coffee ground.

Another good thing if you choose to use either Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 or CF097 is you will also save more coffee ground since these machines are capable of brewing your coffee with lesser ground than many other coffee makers out there. One problem about these machines is the warming feature because many people report, they are not good enough to keep the coffee warm up to 2 hours as claimed by the product.

Now, let’s compare Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 with CF097. As it has been mentioned earlier, the prominent difference between these two are the fact that CF097 is coming with a stainless steel thermal carafe, so there is no heating plate in the machine unlike CF091 with glass carafe that needs a heating plate. Besides this small feature, both of them have the same capabilities.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 vs CF097

- Choose a Size: Select one of six sizes, ranging from a single cup to a travel mug to a full carafe
- Choose a Brew: Dial up the flavor richness level by choosing a brew type: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Specialty, or our exclusive Cafe Forte
- Pod-Free Single Serve: Offers unlimited variety—use any brand of coffee, and personalize flavor by customizing the taste to your liking. Reveal your coffee’s full potential with fresh taste and aroma
- Glass Carafe and Intelligent Warming Plate: Use the 10-cup (50 oz.) Glass Carafe to make enough coffee for additional servings
- Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology: Patent-pending Ninja technology blends precision water delivery with automated controls for calibrated temperature, pre-infusion, coffee saturation, and flavor richness
- Built-in Frother: Turn hot or cold milk into silky-smooth froth in seconds, with nothing more than the press of a button
- Pod-free single serve and carafe coffee system with Hot and Over Ice Carafe
- Custom Brews: Classic, Rich, or Over Ice; or Signature Brews: Specialty and Cafe Forte
- Custom Brew Sizes: Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, and Full Carafe
- Built-In frother to brew, froth and drink-all in your favorite mug.Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology and Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence
- If the Drip Stop indicator is illuminated, and the drip stop toggle is set to the open position (denoted by the image of a water droplet), ensure the brew basket is properly inserted
- Unit Includes Measuring Scoop, Built-In Frother, (20) Recipe Book, 50 oz. Coffee Ice Pitcher w/ Lid

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are good depend on the user whether they prefer warming plate or thermal carafe. But, if we are to choose, we will recommend you the CF091 because it is more affordable and with heating plate you can always switch it on back again after 2 hours if you want to re-warm your coffee.

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