Nespresso Vertuo vs Evoluo

Espresso machines has been popular since several years ago with the raising trend of coffee drinker. By owning an espresso machine, now you don’t have to spend so much going to coffee shops anymore for a shot because you can make them just as deliciously at home. Two popular espresso machines in the market are Nespresso Vertuo vs Evoluo which has many similar capabilities since it is in the same line. If you are confused about which to choose, go check our article below to know their difference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Nespresso Vertuo and Evoluo
– What Nespresso Vertuo and Evoluo Look Like
– What Nespresso Vertuo and Evoluo can offer to you
– Nespresso Vertuo vs Evoluo

About Nespresso Vertuo and Evoluo
Nespresso is among the leading brand when it comes to espresso machines because they are known to always release dependable products to let their customer make their own favorite drink by themselves at home with the machine and the special capsules available designed especially for the company’s machine. If you are a new user or just recently interested in coffee, this brand is actually owned by Nestle and it is used to sell espresso machines, capsules, and related accessories that you can combined to make an ultimate set that works well for your perfect coffee.

Nespresso offer numerous machine types for their customer but most of them are coming with the same capabilities and mainly only differ by how the machine appears. However, to ease you differentiating their product, they use the term Original and Vertuo which separate their machines based on how they operate or the brewing system. The Original line is the machines that use pressure system to extract coffee ground while Vertuo is using what they called centrifusion which will spin your coffee capsules to create the perfect blend. Read also: Nespresso Vertuoline vs Original Line here.

In Vertuoline itself, there are several machines and one of them is Evoluo but the company decide to discontinue this product and now the line only consist of Vertuo and Vertuo Plus, but you can still get the machine at various retailers out there. Let’s talk about Vertuo first because this machine is among the most popular in Nespresso catalogue due to the simplicity it can offer and a different way to create your beverage.

At the other hand, Evoluo also offer the same functionality and features just like Vertuo probably because they are coming from the same line. For starter, these two can be easily operate and offer fast result. This may seems weird why two machines have the same features and called differently but, there are many manufacturers also do the same and the reason is probably only for marketing purpose.

Nespresso Vertuo and Evoluo Design
Even though these machines looks big in the picture, they are actually pretty compact in reality and we are sure they won’t take too much space in your table or kitchen. They have various color options; black and silver just in case you want to match it with the surrounding but Nespresso Evoluo may come in more color options like Red. There are two similar compartment at each of the side but the water compartment is on the left while the other is used to store the used capsules when you eject the used ones.

Nespresso Vertuo and Evoluo Features
As it has been mentioned earlier, Nespresso Vertuo and Evoluo offer a simplicity and quick operation because you don’t have to do complicated things like when using a full sized regular espresso machines. What you need to do is only pouring the water on the compartment, turn on the machine and wait until the water is properly heated which claimed to only take 15 seconds. Then insert the capsule using the front panel and then lock it again and press the brewing button to start extracting the capsule.

As opposed to the Original line that used a pressure system, these machines are using a centrifusion technology which developed by the company to produce the best crema you will surely love. This system will spin your coffee capsule as fast as 7.000 rotations per minute to blend the mixture inside the capsule with hot water to create the best crema and rich taste just like an authentic espresso. Since there is no control buttons here, these machines already have a sensor inside to recognize every capsule used and apply the correct adjustment.

As for the capsule, they are using the Grand Cru but only those with the round base which is specially designed for Vertuoline machines with the correct shape and barcode to scan. Depend on the capsule size which is consisting of two sized, you can brew 3 beverage sizes; larger capsule is for Alto and Coffee while the smaller capsule is for espresso. What’s good here is you can program or adjust the brewing size as you preferred.

The process are the same regardless which machine you are using. If you are programming which is done in the first operation, what you need to do is inserting the capsule like normally but when it comes to pressing the brew button, you need to hold it down and until the machine produce your preferred quantity then release the button. For the next operation your machine will remember this setting and proceed accordingly.

There is also an option to increase the volume while operating and it is done by pressing the brew button while the liquid is being dispense and press it again to add the liquid quantity. To help you save energy, these machines will turn off automatically after a period of inactivity. Even though the shape are slightly different, these two have the similar 40 oz. water tank capacity.

Now, let’s compare Nespresso Vertuo with Evoluo. As you may already know, these two machines are the same since they are coming with the same set of features, use the same system, have the same compartments and operate in similar manner. What set them apart is only the outer appearance which does not affect any of its capabilities.

Nespresso Vertuo vs Evoluo

- Have the ability to create barista grade brewed single serve coffee or espresso cups at the touch of a single button
- Brew 5 different single serve coffee cup sizes at the touch of a button depending on your coffee needs - Espresso (1.35 oz.), Double Espresso (2.7 oz.), Gran Lungo (5 oz.), Coffee (7.7 oz.) and Alto (14 oz)
- Brew the perfect single serve coffee or espresso drink time after time, thanks to Nespresso's CentrifusionTM technology using barcodes to deliver the best in-cup results including the perfect crema for large coffee cup sizes
- This machine also has a fast heat up time of only 15 seconds meaning you will never have to wait too long for your favorite coffee or espresso drink to be ready
- The Aeroccino 3 milk frother is included to create the perfect finish to your single serve coffee beverages such as cappuccino or latte
- Includes Aeroccino Plus milk frother: rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth; Items sold separately valued at $348
- New revolutionary Centrifusion technology to gently brew both Coffee and Espresso with one touch of a button
- Capsule recognition and code reading technology for blend-specific parametric brewing; Two capsule sizes, large for Coffee and small for Espresso
- Easy insertion and ejection of capsules; For use with Nespresso VertuoLine capsules only; Not compatible with Nespresso Original Line capsules
- Removable used capsule container holds 17 used capsules; Automatic off mode after 9 minutes of inactivity; Removable 54 oz. water tank

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are on equal level, so you can pick based on your preference mainly for the outer design. However, if you want to save more we will recommend you the Evoluo since it is a discontinued product, so it will be more affordable.

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