Nespresso Inissia vs Pixie

Coffee’s popularity are surely continue to risen in the last several years which also driven the selling of coffee machines and similar appliance to rise. For those who loves espresso more than regular drip coffee will certainly pick espresso machines, moreover, you can start getting them in such an appealing price. Two popular espresso machines today are Nespresso Inissia vs Pixie. Coming from the same manufacturer, they are alike yet also separated by some features. If you are confused which to choose, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Nespresso Inissia and Pixie
– What Nespresso Inissia and Pixie Look Like
– What Nespresso Inissia and Pixie can offer to you
– Nespresso Inissia vs Pixie

About Nespresso Inissia
There are so many options out there when you are looking for a single serving espresso machines because manufacturers are trying to dominate the current hyped market. Among those many brands, Nespresso has been proven to always launch many great products to satisfy coffee, especially espresso drinkers with their quality machines just like Inissia. This machine has been around for quite some time now but still loved by many of its users. It is suitable for new users and packed only with useful features.

Nespresso Inissia Design
From the outside, Nespresso Inissia looks petite and great to have even if you are a single living in small apartment in an urban area. It has rather cute look if the color is not black because of how compact it is. Besides black, you can choose either red, cream or silver to match your taste. The shape is modest and there is no exciting part happening on the outside but even though it is small, the machine is still coming with a decent 700 ml water capacity.

Nespresso Inissia Features
The aforementioned water tank is placed at the back of the machine and it has lid to prevent spillage between tap and machine. When you look at the machine, you will see it has a drip tray to keep your machine clean. Inside the machine it has small compartment to keep your used coffee pods, so it will take several pods before you will need to empty it at once. For those new user, you will need to read the manual first but their way to inform you how to use it is not the best they can.

The manual is using diagram instead of text which making Inissia harder to operate than it actually is. As an entry-level machine, the control is also kept simple here because you will only find two buttons; one for lungo and the other is for espresso which also act as an on/off button. This machine works pretty fast to deliver you that piping hot coffee in just 25 second after you switch it on.

To start making coffee, you will need to open the front bar to open the slot which is used to place your coffee pod. You probably will need more practice when inserting the pod since some people also experience the bar wont closed properly at their first try. After pod is inserted properly, you just have to pick whether to brew short or long and after it is done, Inissia will stop automatically. In case you are the forgetful type, it will also turn off automatically after a period of inactiveness.

About Nespresso Pixie
The option is not stopping here if you are in a hunting for a compact small single serving espresso machine because Nespresso also has another unit to offer. Just like what an espresso machine should function, Pixie is aimed towards those people who want to enjoy their favorite beverage right at home and those who are not willing to spend so much on going to coffee shop every time they need a shot. This machine is perfect for small houses and those with small kitchen.

Nespresso Pixie Design
Aside being able to make a delicious espresso for you, Pixie seems to offer additional capabilities which is to help decorating your space because it is coming with a stylish design and small enough to be placed in most flat surface in your house. Just like many other Nespresso machines, the unit is available in a wide variety of colors but since it is launched pretty long ago, it might be hard to find some variants. The water tank is still placed at the back and will take up to 700 ml.

Nespresso Pixie Features
The placement of water tank is thoughtful since by placing it at the back, it will help the machine stay slim without sacrificing the capacity. The removable drip tray is there to help you keep Pixie clean and when it is removed, you can accommodate taller cup when making taller latte or lungo. Another interesting part from this tray is when you flip it around and reattach it to the machine, it will also act as a cup holder to keep the cup from tipping while brewing.

Since Pixie is a bar pump espresso machine, it can get quite noisy when operating. It is not the level where you have to shout to each other but it is definitely not quiet either. The company claimed that you can get your coffee served quickly when using the machine with only 25 seconds heating up process. It is also fairly easy to operate since there are only two buttons to select; one when you want to make short/espresso and one for long/lungo. Read also: Nespresso Citiz vs Evoluo here.

For those who often forget about switching off their appliance will also love Pixie automatic shut off function. The machine will shut off automatically after exceeding a 9 minutes idle time, so you can save more energy. When it’s time to refill the water tank, there will be a red back lights along the side to reminds you.

Now, let’s compare Nespresso Inissia with Pixie. As you may already know, both of them are having the same capabilities in term of serving you an espresso or lungo quickly, have the same water tank capacity and pressure method. What separate them beside the design is the fact that Pixie will reminds you when the water tank is need to be filled again.

Nespresso Inissia vs Pixie

- QUALITY: Nespresso Inissia by De'Longhi delivers an impeccable barista-level single serve coffee every time, thanks to its simple automatic operation and patented extraction system which delivers up to 19 bars of pressure
- SPEED: In just one touch, ideal water temperature is reached in 25 seconds and you are ready to make 9 single serve cups of coffee without having to refill the 24 oz. tank
- VERSATILE: Adjustable cup size with two programmable espresso and lungo buttons. A folding drip tray accommodates larger single serve cup sizes and recipes
- ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Energy-saving mode automatically switches off your smart coffee and espresso maker after 9 minutes. Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz):110-120 V / 50-60 Hz
- COMPLIMENTARY GIFT: Each espresso machine includes a Nespresso Original capsule welcome kit with a range of capsules with unique aroma profiles. Used capsule container capacity: 11
- POWER COFFEE MAKER: Nespresso Pixie single serve espresso machine has a 19 bar high-pressure pump allowing barista-style results, unlocking the delicate flavor of each espresso capsule
- EFFICIENCY: System heats up to ideal temperature in just 25 seconds and automatically turns off after 9 minutes, consuming less energy. Rated voltage/Frequency (V-Hz): 110-120 V / 50-60 Hz
- EASE OF USE: Pixie is a programmable espresso maker with two one-touch buttons (espresso and lungo) to create your favorite coffee recipes
- SMART COFFEE MACHINE: Red indicator lights let you know when you need to refill the 24 oz. water tank. Folding drip tray allows for larger single server coffee cups and recipes. Body material:Plastic
- COMPLIMENTARY GIFT: Each espresso machine includes a Nespresso Original capsule welcome kit with a range of capsules with unique aroma profiles. Water container capacity : 0.7 Liter

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are good options when you want to find a compact machine to get delicious espresso or lungo at home. The water tank reminder is sure helpful but the price gap is too far and you still can easily see the water level because the compartment is also clear. To save more money, we will recommend you to pick the more affordable Nespresso Inissia.

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