Miele CM 5500 Vs 5510

Coffee is a tasty drink and having a coffee machine like Miele CM 5500 Vs 5510 will be convenient. These coffee machines are perfect for users who enjoy the beverage daily or a house with several people who also drink coffee every day. The machines are easy to use and can provide various coffee beverages. If you consider these machines, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Buy a Coffee Machine
  • What are Miele CM 5500 and 5510
  • How is the Design of Miele CM 5500 and 5510
  • What are the Drinks in Miele CM 5500 and 5510
  • What are the Features in Miele CM 5500 and 5510
  • How is the Maintenance of Miele CM 5500 and 5510
  • How is the Performance of Miele CM 5500 and 5510
  • Miele CM 5500 Vs 5510

Buying Coffee Machines

Many of us rely on coffee to provide the energy and mood to go through the day. Not everyone loves the taste of black coffee, but we can add other ingredients to make the drink more enjoyable. Some people drink coffee for the caffeine, and some like the taste because each blend and brew method can produce a different experience. Buying a coffee machine is an excellent solution to reduce the take-away and is convenient, especially if you spend most of the time at home.

Before buying a coffee machine, the first factor you need to consider is the long-term cost. The machine itself can be expensive, and depending on what type of coffee we enjoy, it can be costlier than our occasional coffee shop visits. For example, the pod coffee machines that use premix blend in a small container. Each pack can cost from $5 to $7, depending on blend and brand. On the other hand, we need to buy coffee grounds/beans and filter with a drip machine.

We also need to consider how much coffee we make daily. If you only drink one cup, then a single-serve machine is the most convenient, but if you enjoy several per day or with other people, the drip coffee that can make a carafe of the drink is better. We can brew coffee using different methods, and different brewing methods yield different results. It is wise to match the coffee you often drink to the coffee machine or equipment to buy.

Miele CM 5500Miele CM 5510
Product Dimensions25 x 20 x 15 inches
18.1 x 9.5 x 14.2 inches
Shipping Weight25 pounds
21 pounds
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About Miele CM 5500 and 5510

For those who prefer a more concentrated drink or espresso, the espresso machine is an excellent investment. They can make coffee-shop-style drinks at the convenience of your home. The main difference is they usually can only make one to two servings at once. Espresso machines use coffee beans or coffee grounds so we can make fresh beverages every time. The only drawback is that they are usually costlier than any other coffee machines. You may also want to invest in a good coffee grinder.

For the highest convenience, we recommend getting a coffee machine with an integrated coffee grinder such as Miele CM 5500 and 5510. These machines are automatic, meaning they will take care of the whole process from producing coffee ground to dispensing the coffee to your cups. If you prefer more personalization or plan to learn the espresso brewing method, we recommend getting a semi-automatic such as Breville Barista Express Vs Oracle. Semi-automatic have less automation which lets the users tweak the brewing process more accurately according to their taste.

The best thing about an automatic machine like the Miele CM 5500 and 5510 is the convenience. Both machines provide a built-in coffee grinder so we can make fresh coffee every time and don’t need to buy a grinder. While these coffee machines have different naming, they offer the same brewing features and are identical in design. The only difference between Miele CM 5500 and 5510 is the silence feature for the 5510, which doesn’t mean the 5510 is not making any noise. We think the level of noise it produces is on par with typical machines in the market.

The CM 5500 is an older model, and it is much cheaper than CM 5510, so we recommend this machine to save your budget. The CM 5500 offers the drink options and useful features you can find on CM 5510, including programmable profiles and a hot water function.

Miele CM 5500 and 5510 Design

First, let’s take a look at the machines. The actual product measurements are 9.5-inch wide, 14.2-inch tall, and 18.1-inch deep. The material is plastic, but they are sturdy, and as you can see, the difference is in color. The CM 5500 has a titanium bronze that doesn’t stand out and will fit most kitchens. The CM 5510 is available in a rose gold and silver variant, so this machine will look more eye-catching as the finish is more modern.

You can find the bean hopper at the top, and while the opening looks small, it can contain up to 7 ounces of roasted coffee beans. The water tank is removable from the machine and can store up to 49 ounces of fresh water. The front top is a cup warmer, so we can put a few cups before we start brewing. There is a small display to show coffee drinks and features and several touch buttons on the sides. The coffee spout is adjustable in height for short or taller cups; the maximum height is approximately 5.3-inch.

Miele CM 5500 and 5510 Drink Options 

Now let’s see what the Miele CM 5500 and 5510 can offer, starting with drink options. Users of these machines can adjust the beverage size from 20 to 300 ml according to taste. Our favorite feature is that you can make a whole coffee pot with these machines so that they can function like a typical drip coffee brewer. The available drinks are ristretto, espresso, regular coffee, long coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, latte macchiato, hot milk, milk froth, caffe latte, coffee pot, and hot water.

Both machines have double coffee spouts, so most of these drinks are available in double servings. But, there is only a single-serving option for some menus, like a coffee pot and hot water. To enjoy milk-based drinks, we also need to attach a milk pitcher to the machine, but the frothing or steaming process is automatic, and the serving size is also automated.

Miele CM 5500 and 5510 Features

Next is the features side, which makes the Miele CM 5500 and 5510 equally interesting machines to consider. First are two programmable profiles so we can make a profile according to our preference, and other people in the house can do the same. The total profiles are three, but one of them is the basic or Miele preset. Many other machines can provide more programmable profiles, but they are also more expensive, especially than CM 5500.

We can program the available drinks from the profile, which is nice if you want personalization. The second helpful feature is an automatic milk flush that pushes hot water at high pressure through the small hose after or before putting it in a milk jug. Using a small hose for the milk heating mechanism can be tricky since we need to maintain the hygiene, but this feature makes it easy to keep the machine clean and run properly. Sadly none of them come with a milk jug or coffee carafe.

Third, the programmable feature is not only limited to how much coffee you want but also the amount of milk and texture. Depending on what beverage we make, the machines can first dispense steamed milk or espresso.

Miele CM 5500 and 5510 Maintenance 

A good machine has to be easy to use and maintain. Thankfully both Miele CM 5500 and 5510 are relatively easy to keep clean. The tray is removable, and you can put the parts in the dishwasher for convenience. The hose is cleaned automatically, and we can store it inside the machine when not in use to prevent losing it. The brew group is accessible from the side panel, and it requires cleaning from time to time using running water to rinse coffee ground residue.

The water tank is small, so we may have to refill it more often, but it is better to keep the water fresh. We think it is also wise to keep the minimum amount of coffee in the hopper to stay fresh since the lid doesn’t seem to be air-tight.

Miele CM 5500 and 5510 Performance 

Lastly, both Miele CM 5500 and 5510 are very similar in performance. We don’t think they are very loud because it is normal for coffee machines to make noise, especially when grinding the beans. There is no noticeable difference in noise level, and CM 5510 is still quite loud when preparing your drink. We love that they only need a few seconds to heat water, and depending on the beverage, a cup of latte macchiato usually requires 80-90 seconds from start to finish. Be careful when sipping it because these machines produce pretty hot drinks.

Miele CM 5500 Vs 5510

Both machines offer the same capabilities. The CM 5510 is a Silence model, but it still makes noticeable noise when grinding coffee and dispensing milk froth. They are pretty silent when dispensing coffee, and we think they are not incredibly loud. We love that you can program two additional profiles for better personalization, and they can also make a carafe of coffee. The Miele CM 5500 and 5510 have the same features, but the CM 5510 is newer than CM 5500, making it more expensive.

- Automatic Milk Frothing - Latte's are as easy as dropping the end of the milk hose in a cup of milk—the 5500 handles the rest.
- Drink Profiles - Two programmable drink profiles lets you save unique drinks for each user.
- Carafe Mode - Unique to Miele superautomatics, this mode lets you brew up to 40 ounces of coffee at once.
- Hot Water Spout - An integrated hot water spout handles Americanos or tea at a touch.
- AromaticSystem: The CM 5510 automatic coffee machine wows with its dynamic brewing system and quiet grinder made of wear-resistant steel, for intense coffee aroma and flavor-conserving grinding
- From coffee, espresso, latte macchiato to hot milk: Conjure up creamy milk froth for a diverse range of specialty drinks and prepare up to 8 cups at a time thanks to the machine's included coffee pot
- OneTouch for Two: With just a touch of a button you can make two of any specialty drink; in addition to the bean container, this bean-to-cup machine also has a drawer for ground coffee
- Individual profile settings: The bean-to-cup machine saves your favorite drinks in one of two connoisseur profiles, including grind level, water temperature, milk preparation and more


There is no wrong option because Miele CM 5500 and 5510 offer the same drinks and convenience. The CM 5500 is an older model, but it has the same features, so we recommend this machine for you who want to save the budget.


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