Lelit PL41TEM vs Gaggia Classic

Espresso machines are convenient and useful if you will be drinking this beverage almost everyday without having to spend much in a coffee shop. Many basic models like the Lelit PL41TEM Vs Gaggia Classic are affordable but still easy to use despite will need some manual labor to operate. They are able to deliver an authentic espresso from your bean choice but might be slightly different and before deciding to choose one, go check what they can offer as well as which machine will fit your house the most here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Coffee Machine to Choose
  • Which Espresso Machine to Choose
  • What are Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic
  • What Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic Look Like
  • How are the Pressure Bar in Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic
  • What else Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic can offer
  • How to Use Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic
  • Lelit PL41TEM Vs Gaggia Classic

Coffee Machine

Many say that there are two types of people in this world; those that enjoy coffee and those who drink tea. They often say the favorite beverage decides how the person actually is about how they behave and their routine or hobbies. Of course this is not scientifically proven and not something that we have to think seriously yet, it also gives a firm confirmation about the most popular beverage in the world for these two are consumed everywhere crossing nationality and culture.

Coffee itself is a very trendy beverage, you can find a coffee shop in almost every corner you visit especially with how the beverages are made and modified today. We love coffee from the shop and they are convenient but, it can be quite costly in the long term. For those who are drinking the beverage everyday, it is probably better to have a coffee machine at home so we can brew anytime we want or bring the beverage from home.

Coffee machines as the name suggests will make the beverage for you but the type and method can be different based on what the machine is designed for. Busy people who prefer the best convenience will go with a pod coffee machine like Gran Lattissima Vs Lattissima Touch but budget shoppers will save so much more with just a coffee maker. Enthusiast or people with a certain taste may want to opt for an espresso machine for this beverage is brewed using a special method.

Espresso Machine

Espresso machines itself also vary among models and there are several of them depending on which fit the house better. The cheapest one is a manual machine in which you will need to spend energy or use manual labor to press the coffee ground using the boiled hot water. This machine requires a learning process and some time to get familiar with, to find the correct technique. Most of us prefer the more convenient semi-automatic machine where the machine will do everything beside dosing, tampering, and putting the portafilter in the brewing group.

They are versatile and don’t require much fuss but less convenient and very affordable for many to purchase. If this still sounds like a hassle to you, we can have a fully automatic espresso machine that will do everything and leave you with an option to pick a menu then just place a cup below the coffee spout. This type of machine is expensive and requires much care for the complicated mechanism but the bright side is you can brew the beverage with far less effort.

About Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic

The best machine is the one that fits your house the most and this may not be the same from one user to another so it is always great to look based on what you need or what you want the most. Think about what beverage we will be drinking and the coffee bean or coffee ground to use whether you have a grinder or plan to buy one. Buying coffee beans and grinding them before brewing will be the best to preserve flavor but for convenience, we can just use pre ground or coffee pod.

If you are here then it means espresso is what you will be drinking more often starting now and this beverage requires an espresso machine to brew. Espresso machine is a great option for the beverage enthusiast because it is actually very convenient to use and will save you much from spending on coffee shop everyday. Among those many companies making the product, Lelit and Gaggia are two you want to consider shopping from for their quality product and competitive price.

These brands have various models to offer and we love their espresso machines for they are reliable but also don’t cost an arm and leg. Depending on which feels most comfortable in your kitchen and pocket, those who want to craft the beverage manually from selecting the bean and dosing then tampering the coffee ground step by step, Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic are two ideal choices to consider. Both of them are very similar, very simple, but also able to brew tasty beverages anytime.

The best thing about the Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic is that they are convenient; these machines are not the easiest to use because you will still need to put some effort yet for the price point, they are very reliable to serve the coffee daily. They are also coming with some features on board to make sure you are getting the favorite beverage anytime. What you need to have in pair with these machines is a good coffee grinder because you will love how they freshly taste when using a new coffee ground.

Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic Design

As many espresso machines in this range, these machines are very compact, they are coming in the same size as your pod machine or even smaller so they won’t occupy much space in your kitchen top. They attractively have this stainless steel finish that looks shiny and nice in almost any kitchen fashions but some of the parts are also made from plastic. They are very robust and compact yet have the same brewing layout with a slight difference on how they arrange the control panel.

The PL41TEM is very similar to the TQE machine but you will find a difference on the control since this model uses a switch instead of a toggle like what you can check on the sample picture above. Side by side they are almost identical at 23 cm wide, 34 cm tall, and 26.5 cm compared to 23 cm wide 38 cm tall, and 24 cm wide deep. Additionally, Lelit water tank is actually bigger than what Gaggia offered from 2.7 compared to 2.1 liter. 

Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic Pressure Bar

The first thing most people look at when buying an espresso machine must be the pressure bar because it states how strong the machine presses the coffee ground and the stronger it gets, often related to how flavorful the beverage is extracted. It is not always the case since those higher than 10 bar will mostly gain less to no benefit from being high in pressure power. Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic are equally featured with 15 bar pumps to give the best tasting coffee.

Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic Feature

Moving to the feature side, in our opinion this is where these machines are different from each other because there is one function here which is a temperature display to set the machine to boil water to a certain temperature in Lelit PL41TEM. All of us know the ideal water to brew coffee but this can be modified depending on the bean or user personal preference so this machine has the function to allow you get the exact setting and this is not present in Gaggia.

The control panel for Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic are very easy to use and you will access all the functions here using the knob/switch/rotary knob. Both of them are paired with a frothing wand in order to give you the best convenience when wanting to drink espresso and coffee based beverages such as cappuccino. For this function you may also dispense hot water from the spout using the rotating knob located at the side of the machine.

Additionally, while none of them have an active heating plate, espresso machines usually will become warmer as it heats the water inside and it is spreading on the machine body. This is convenient to provide a warming plate for your cup before used to contain the beverage so they can retain the crema longer.

Brewing with Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic 

Using Lelit PL41TEM and Gaggia Classic are also quite simple and the same with any similar machines. First take the portafilter and fill it with coffee grounds then dose it and press using the tampering tool that comes with the machine. Lock the portafilter into the brewing group and switch the machine to start brewing. The beverage will be ready in about 5 to 6 seconds for one cup. To froth milk, use a milk jug and submerge the frother into the milk until reaching the desirable texture.

Lelit PL41TEM vs Gaggia Classic

Both of these machines are pretty much the same to each other and they are equally producing tasty coffee. They have a good build quality, very simple to use, but also not as convenient compared to a pod or semi-automatic machines. The difference is that Lelit also put a temperature adjusting feature that can work in Celsius or Fahrenheit for it is programmable. The rest of the capabilities however, stay the same.

- PID boiler temperature controller allows temperature of the boiler to be programmed for different coffees.
- 1000 watt heating element for quicker reaction time when cold water enters the boiler.
- External manometer, or brew pressure gauge, to check in real time the brew pressure created by the resistance created by the coffee grind fineness, the tamping pressure, and the amount of ground coffee in the basket.
- Professional multi-directional steam wand that enables you to prepare creamy cappuccinos.
- Rugged brushed stainless steel housing
- Commercial three-way solenoid valve
- Commercial-style 58mm chrome-plated brass portafilter and Brew Group
- Easy-to-use Turbo-Frother steam wand attachment


All in all you can go with any of them as they are equally good but if we are to choose one, Lelit PL14TEM is a better choice as it will allow you to adjust the ideal temperature or desired temperature for different coffees.

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