Krups F203 vs Krups GX4100

Krups F203 and Krups GX4100 are affordable coffee grinders that use high quality stainless steel blades. Surprisingly, they are actually able to deliver good results, at least if you aim for a fine grind texture. If you are not sure which one to choose, read the Krups F203 vs Krups GX4100 comparison below to understand better about their differences.

The following discussion will give you more information about:
– When it is okay to get a blade grinder for grinding coffee
– The design and build quality of each Krups coffee grinder here
– The maximum capacity of each model
– The maintenance requirements and warranty information
– The performance of Krups F203 vs Krups GX4100
– Whether you should choose Krups F203 or Krups GX4100

Is It Okay to Buy a Blade Grinder?
Okay, before we discuss further, you should know whether getting a blade grinder for making your coffee is okay or not. If you know a few things about coffee, or if you at least have read one of our previous articles like Capresso 560.01 vs 560.04, you should have known that blade grinders are not the most recommended options for grinding coffee. Then again, there can be an exception.

There are at least two problems with blade grinders. First, blade grinders can’t provide the consistency that you need for quality coffee. The blades simply cut any part of a coffee bean that get into contact with them, so the results are hardly uniform. Second, the blades run at high speeds in order to be able to cut through coffee beans. Both the high speeds and the frictions generate heat. As the effect, the blades can get overheated quite quickly.

If you want to get coarse or at least medium grinds, you should not use a blade grinder like Krups F203 or Krups GX4100. It won’t be able to deliver uniform and consistent results.

However, if you only use fine grinds for a moka pot or espresso machine, using a blade grinder like Krups F203 vs Krups GX4100 is okay. Yes, the blades lack precision, but if you want to get a fine grind, you simply run the grinder until the content is fine enough. There’s still a problem of overheating, but if you only grind a small amount of coffee, you won’t need to run the grinder for too long.

A good quality burr grinder is still better. But, if your budget is limited and you only need a fine grind for a moka pot or espresso machine, getting a blade grinder is okay.

Now that you have made up your mind, let’s take a look at the design of these coffee grinders. Actually, Krups F203 and Krups GX4100 are quite simple and straightforward.

They are designed pretty much like kitchen grinders that people use for chopping nuts, herbs, and spices. In fact, you can use them as kitchen grinders just fine – but we don’t recommend using the same grinder for grinding spices and coffee, unless you would like to have some spicy taste in your beverage.

They each have a compact oval body with a special lid. There is a safety mechanism integrated to the lid which will prevent the blades from spinning if the lid hasn’t been properly closed. This is a very nice feature, considering that the high speed of the blades can easily launch a coffee bean like a projectile. Inside, there is a pair of high quality stainless steel blades that are sharp and durable.

Although Krups F203 vs Krups GX4100 have similar overall dimensions, Krups F203 is actually a little bit lighter than Krups GX4100. In addition, there are slight differences in the aesthetics.

Krups F203 has a glossy black finish which looks beautiful. The opening on the top side is skewed, purely for aesthetics, but the whole content can still be covered by the transparent lid.

Krups GX4100 comes with a brushed stainless steel finish. It definitely looks classy and elegant. At the bottom, there is a black plastic base. The opening on the top is lined by a black plastic border. The lid is also transparent so that you can easily see the content from the outside.

Nevertheless, neither model has a grind level selector (again, these are not burr grinders) or at least a timer. They each simply have a pulse action button for operation. You can’t get a uniform grind unless you aim for a fine texture; in which case, you simply push the pulse action button until the whole content is fine and uniform enough.

The lack of a timer may be a minor issue for some people, because it means that they have to keep the button continuously pressed down. Then again, the capacity is rather small, so you won’t need to keep grinding for too long. Besides, the manual control is beneficial in a way that it makes you monitor the grind properly; you can stop the grinder right away once the grind is fine and uniform, in order to avoid overheating.

Build Quality
When choosing a coffee grinder, build quality is an important aspect to consider. You don’t want something that breaks apart and becomes unusable within a few months. The longer the grinder lasts, the greater the value that you get out of it. Well, these models here are cheap, but that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise too much on build quality.

Krups F203 is not bad at all, but the housing is actually made of plastic. That’s why the unit can have a lighter weight. The plastic material is a bit more difficult to clean because oils seem to cling to it more stubbornly, but there’s nothing that some soap can’t remove. Nevertheless, the housing is still fairly thick, solid, and durable.

Krups GX4100 comes with a stainless steel grinding chamber, although the black accents on the exterior are still plastic. The stainless steel grinding chamber is obviously far more durable. It won’t get damaged easily, and it will last for a longer time. The stainless steel material is a little bit easier to clean.

A coffee grinder for home use doesn’t need a very large capacity. Something between 3 oz and 8 oz is already sufficient for making several cups of coffee. Actually, you can already run a small café with a compact coffee grinder, but we recommend using a better quality burr grinder for running a business.

Krups F203 vs Krups GX4100 are on the bare minimum. They each have a 3-oz maximum capacity. In general, people usually make espresso with a ratio of one ounce of coffee beans for one cup of water. So, you can prepare enough ground coffee for up to three cups per cycle.

That should be enough for personal use, or for two or three people. Just keep in mind that, when you want to run another grinding cycle, you need to wait for a few minutes to let the blades and container cool down first. Otherwise, the heat will degrade the coffee quality.

In terms of performance, Krups F203 and Krups GX4100 are surprisingly good. They can turn whole beans into fine grinds very quickly. This is great because you will be able to continue with the brewing process right away.

However, no matter how fast these blade grinders are, the coffee beans will still exposed to heat. During the grinding process, the blades do scorch the beans nonetheless. As the effect, the resulted coffee may have a bitter taste. The longer you run the grinder, the more apparent the bitter taste becomes.

Hope is not lost. There is one nice trick that you can do to avoid the overheating issue: freeze the coffee beans for some time before grinding them. This way, the coffee beans will be cold when they are exposed to the blades’ heat, and the coffee beans won’t be scorched. Once the grinding is completed, the ground coffee should be in a normal temperature. The resulted coffee should have a much better flavor.

Krups F203 and Krups GX4100 should be good enough for making fine grinds for an aeropress, espresso machine, or moka pot. People often use fine grinds for pour-over coffee, too, though it is actually better to use medium-fine grinds for pour-over and drip coffee.

Maintenance and Warranty
You should clean your grinder every after use. Fortunately, Krups F203 and Krups GX4100 are very easy to clean and maintain. First of all, unplug the power cord and make sure that the container is empty. Then, you can use a brush to remove the remaining fines from the lid and blades, followed by a damp cloth to wipe them clean.

You should not immerse the grinder in water. The lid, however, can be detached and washed in warm water with a mild detergent. Once the container, blades, and lid are cleaned, make sure that everything is dry before using the grinder again.

Each Krups coffee grinder here is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. It will cover any defect manufacturing defect found in the product. However, it won’t cover normal wear and tear, commercial use, or damage from neglect or abuse.

Krups F203 vs Krups GX4100

- PERFECTLY GRINDS beans for drip Coffee makers in less than 10 seconds
- LARGE GRINDING CAPACITY yields up to 12 cups of Coffee
- UP TO 3 OZ/85 GRAMS of coffee beans in seconds
- STAINLESS STEEL BLADES and oval shape of this Espresso grinder ensure uniform grinding
- Brushed stainless steel with black accents housing; stainless steel grinding chamber; stainless steel blades for quick chopping
- 3-ounce beans capacity; grinds coffee beans from course to fine in seconds
- Pulse action button determines degree of fineness
- Minces fresh herbs and dried spices; safety-lock lid

Both are good affordable grinders. Krups GX4100 is generally better and more recommended because of the stainless steel grinding chamber. It is more rugged and durable. The grinding is really fast, and it is good for making fine grinds. This model is ideal for home use.

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