Keurig K15 vs K10

Keurig K15 and K10 are two identical coffee machines from Keurig but comes in different prices. Their similarities sparks people curiosity on which one is better than the other or is there any difference between both machines. If you plan on purchasing one of them, you may want to read our article first just to make sure you are purchasing the most suitable one for you.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Keurig K15 and K10
– How to make beverage with Keurig K15 and K10
– What Keurig K15 and K10 can offer to you
– Keurig K15 vs K10

About Keurig K15
Keurig K15 is a mini coffee machine from one of the most popular coffee machines that introduce single serving coffee system to the market. This machine is slightly different from Keurig many coffee machines, since it is pretty small compared to other machine from this brand as well as other common coffee pod system available in the market. Keurig K15 is perfect for those small homes or apartments where you have to manage the space effectively.

From the price point of view the machine is also quite affordable and you won’t have to dig your wallet too deep to afford it. Keurig K15 also perfect for people who live alone and don’t often serve coffee for many people.

Keurig K15 Design
From the outside the machine look very compact and simple as well as modern. The body is built with plastic material in various color you can choose to suit your kitchen color, such as black, red, platinum and even jade. All the control you need to operate the machine is place at the front of the unit for convenient operation. The exact measurement of the machine are 10.7 inches x 6.9 inches x 10.8 inches, so it definitely won’t consume too much space on your kitchen top or table.

Keurig K15 Operation
To make sure you are keep informed during the brewing process, Keurig K15 will show its brewing stages with its indicator light. The operation is very easy and you will not need much time to get use to the machine. What you have to do is only filling the small water tank, open the lid and insert your favorite pod and then push the button. The rest is the waiting process, however, as it have been mentioned above you will only need to wait under 2 minutes for each brew.

Keurig K15 Features
Keurig K15 is able to brew either coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages as long as the pods is suitable with the machine or basically it can brew any K-Cup pods. One great thing about this machine capability is it can use My K-cup, a reusable pod so you can fill it with your own blend. The machine claims to be able to brew your coffee under two minutes, which is very similar to other more expensive machine out there.

With Keurig K15, you can make three brew sizes including 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. with this wide variety, you can choose how much liquid you want to caffeinate yourself in the morning or just a small amount for late night energizer when you have lot of works to do. To ease you cleaning up the machine the drip tray is removable. For those who often forget to turn off their appliance, this machine will turn off by itself after 90 seconds of inactivity.

About Keurig K10
Similar to Keurig K15 we have talked earlier, the Keurig K10 is also a coffee machine from Keurig that marketed towards those people who live alone or don’t have much space to store large coffee machine in their home apartment. As you may already know, this machine is boasting its compact size to suit any small home and apartment. However, coming from Keurig, you can expect a nice brew in every operation. For similar machines, read our article on Keurig K350 Vs K450 here.

Keurig K10 Design
Form the outside Keurig K10 does look very similar to Keurig K15. You will not able to tell their difference from the outside. The body is still made out of plastics with a cup tray placed in the middle of the unit. The unit was initially released in various colors but, since it was discontinued, you will most likely to find only some colors. All the controls is placed at the front of the machine for convenient operation.

Keurig K10 Operation
Making coffee with Keurig K10 is very simple. After you plug the machine to its power and turning it on, you only have to fill the water tank with an amount of water then close the lid. Place your coffee cup in drip tray and insert the K-cup pod of your choice and push the brew button. The coffee making process will takes up to 2 minutes.

Keurig K10 Features
You can use Keurig K10 with K-cup pods and you shouldn’t worry about the variations since it does have a wide range of beverage you can choose beside coffee, such as tea, specialty, hot cocoa or even iced beverage. You may also use K-Cup reusable coffee pod to brew your preferred ground, which not exist in K-Cup collection. This machine is able to brew three sizes of beverage you can choose to suit your need. You may choose from 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. beverages.

To ease you cleaning the machine, the drip tray is removable and can be cleaned with water. Keurig K10 also friendly with forgetful people, since the machine will turn off automatically when not being used in 90 minutes.

Now, let’s compare Keurig K15 with Keurig K10. After reading our description above, we are sure that most of you already know their difference. The answer is they are not different, in fact they have the same build, shape as well as features. What you can get in Keurig K10 will also available in Keurig K15. Keurig K10 is the discontinued version because it was reported to overheat the water, spray out and burn customers. Keurig K15 is the new version to replace Keurig K10. From the price point of view, Keurig K10 is cheaper than Keurig K15 since it is released earlier.

Keurig K15 vs K10

- COMPACT: Small and personal; great for small spaces and portable design goes anywhere. Cord storage feature helps with portability
- BREW SIZES: Brews your perfect amount, any cup size between 6-10 oz. Use the 6 oz. cup size for a bolder brew.
- WATER RESEVOIR: Single cup water reservoir for ultimate portability – just add fresh water for each brew.
- Brews a perfect beverage in under two minutes, Choose from three cup sizes, 6-count K-Cup Variety Pack
- Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages
- Brews 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. sizes, Brews in under two minutes, Includes a K-Cup variety pack

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion the price gap is not much compare to your safety and that is why in this article we will recommend you the newer version Keurig K15 over Keurig K10.

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