Hario V60 vs Chemex

Brewing coffee is a common activity in several houses every morning. Recently, coffee is something that becomes a favorite by many people. Not only the coffee variant and the taste, but a suitable coffee tool become an addiction for some people who look at the suitable coffee brewer in their house. Therefore, no wonder if they seek for the best brewer and manage to select the suitable brand according to their needs and budget. Including Hario V60 VS Chemex that quite known in the market. For more review on both products, including the feature, strength, and weakness, then the below paragraphs will explain to you better.

General Overview

As mentioned above, whether Hario V60 VS Chemex is favorites. Hario is a Japanese brand, while Chemex is an American product. They are one of the top brands for manual coffee brewing tools in the market. It provides a great result of manual brew using a filter coffee. Plus, it brings several great features that help us enjoying a nice coffee in a quick time every morning. However, they launched at different times. Chemex was launched before Hario V60. Surprisingly, some people still prefer Chemex for its elegant look. Read also: Baratza Encore vs Hario V60 Grinder

Key Features

For those coffee lovers and prefer a manual brew, you might familiar with the tool’s strength and weakness. But not for those who never buy any single brewing tool before. It takes an effort to understand the features of each brand. Whether the same one or the difference. In general, both products will able to provide you a quite cool feature such as in the below paragraph.

There are several similar features on both products, but somehow it is completed with different strengths and performance. Hence, to pick the most suitable brand before buying it, you need to make a careful selection. Such as comparing the specification and the price in the below information. For information, both products are the same manual brew with filter, or also called as pour-over coffee. The product wears a paper filter to serve the coffee cup. They both also need coffee scale and gooseneck to support the process. Plus, they have a medium blend level with a metal filter. Therefore, they both able to result in clean and flavored coffee.


Even though they have several similar features; they also have different. This is one of the considerations why people selecting one of the products. In general, you will find that the main difference you can capture on the products is listed in the below points:

  • Both has different dripper material, if Hario V60 completed with a mixture of plastic, ceramic, glass and copper, Chemex dripper is made of high quality tempered glass without any mixture of a different material. However, the glass material has a weakness of easier to broke when it hit something or falling. While plastic material will help the tool to be more strong and reliable.
  • The overall size, color, and dimension of both product is quite different. Hario V60 is available in red color, while Chemex is in basic black color. Hario V60 also lighter since the material is not fully glass.
  • Another difference is the filter paper. There are two kinds of paper filters in Hario V60, including white bleached and natural brown. This is more economical than the one used in Chemex. Since the size is smaller, but still able to fit with the dripper. Another difference that the paper filter of Chemex is less eco-friendly. This makes some people prefer to choose Hario V60.
  • Hario V60 has a faster brewing process than Chemex. Thanks to the dripper capability that able to let the water flow down faster. While Chemex uses double filters that will slow the water flow process.  Therefore, if you a person that doesn’t want to wait too long for your morning coffee, then the fastest one will be more suitable. However, a double filter also manages to bring cleaner results. This is suitable for those who wish for a clean taste in the mouth.
  • Chemex is a hand-made product, while Hario V60 is a fabricated product. This results in a classic design with a perfect art in Chemex. You can see that the overall design of Chemex is elegant and beautiful. While Hario V60 is a common model in the market, whether the wood collar type or the handle type, they look ordinary compared with Chemex.
  • Another difference between both products is the dripper. You can directly pour your coffee on your cup since Hario V60 has a removable dripper. But the dripper in Chemex is not. Therefore, you need to pour from the carafe.

The Price

When it comes to the price, it will manage people thinking hard which one is more worth to buy. For information, Hario V60 costs about $20 in the market, while Chemex is able to buy at a price of $40. This makes Chemex cost twice of Hario V60. Therefore, it is one of the considerations of why people prefer to select Hario V60 VS Chemex. For some people, a budget may be an important point to consider. Especially if the result might not significantly different.

Hario V60 vs Chemex

- Durable, ceramic body retains heat to help ensure a constant temperature throughout the brewing cycle.
- Cone shape helps to better accentuate coffees with floral or fruit flavor notes.
- Spiral ribs allows for maximum coffee expansion.
- Large single hole can change coffee taste according to the speed of water flow.
- Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues
- CHEMEX pour-over allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor
- Simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design
- Use CHEMEX Bonded Filters FP-1, FC-100, FS-100, FSU-100


From the information above, it can see that whether Hario V60 VS Chemex can manage to bring you a nice manual brew result. However, if you look into specific things, then one of the suitable consideration is to get the economic product with a stronger material. If this is the case, then Hario V60 is a good selection for you. But in case you look for a performance, especially wish for a cleaner result, then Chemex is the more appropriate.

In the end, it always comes back on people’s preferences. Such as why bother buying expensive things if you only wish a fast tool to brew you a daily morning coffee? Or whether you need a good quality of coffee brew in the morning to boost your mood. This will lead to the best and suitable choice between Hario V60 VS Chemex. Therefore, make up your mind, check your budget, and decide. Let’s brew a coffee in the morning and have a nice day!

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