Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49983

Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49983 are two-way coffee brewers from the same company. They have a single-serve side and carafe side, so you won’t need to remove the carafe when you want to brew another cup of coffee for a guest. However, Hamilton Beach 49980A is generally better than Hamilton Beach 49983 due to the better design and features.

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– The reason why Hamilton Beach 49980A is more recommended

Hamilton Beach 49980A: Design and Build Quality
It is really cool to have a programmable coffee machine that can brew coffee automatically for you everyday, but you need to make sure that you have enough space in order to accommodate the coffee machine in the first place. If you are living in a small apartment, choosing a compact and space-friendly coffee machine is very important. See also: Hamilton Beach 49980Z vs 49976

For a full-fledged coffee machine, Hamilton Beach 49980A is fairly compact. Yes, there are coffee machines out there that are far slimmer and smaller, but finding one among them that is as feature-packed as Hamilton Beach 49980A would be difficult. This model measures 13.7 inches x 11.4 inches x 15.4 inches. It doesn’t require too much space, and it should be able to fit into most kitchens and office rooms.

The build quality is quite impressive. The housing is made of stainless steel with some plastic parts, but all the plastic parts are durable. Hamilton Beach 49980A also has a modern, sophisticated look that will enhance the overall appearance of the room. Hamilton Beach 49983 also has a similar look.

One of the main differences between Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49983 is that the Hamilton Beach 49980A comes with separate reservoirs for the single-serve and carafe modes. The single-serve reservoir has a standardized capacity for easy one-time refills, whereas the carafe reservoir is larger and marked with volume indicators to make it easier for you to add the desired amount of water.

Obviously, the company has put a lot of effort into the design of Hamilton Beach 49980A to maximize its usability aspect. This two-way coffee brewer has two separate output lines for single-serve and carafe. On the single-serve side, there is an adjustable cup holder whose height can be changed to accommodate different cup sizes. It is very convenient for preventing spills. In addition, the buttons are all clear, intuitive, and very easy to use.

Hamilton Beach 49980A: Features
Hamilton Beach 49980A is extremely straightforward. The operation has been streamlined and optimized to allow you to get good quality coffee in the most practical way possible.

First, add the coffee and water to the desired side (single-serve for a cup or a mug, carafe for a full pot of coffee). Then, switch the selector to the desired side, select the brew strength that you want, and press the brew button. Wait until the brewing process is finished, and finally, your coffee is ready!

You can use ground coffee or pods. However, Hamilton Beach 49980A can only work with soft-walled pods. It is not compatible with Keurig’s K-cup pods.

The single-serve side supports a maximum brew size of 14 oz. Keep in mind that the single-serve reservoir needs to be refilled every before use. It will use all of the water in each brewing process, so you should not add more water than necessary. Adding too much water will cause the coffee to be weak and watery.

The carafe side can brew for up to 12 cups of coffee. A glass carafe with a 12-cup capacity is included with the machine. The carafe side is equipped with a warming plate which will keep the coffee in the carafe hot for a few hours. A notable difference between Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49983 is that the warming plate of Hamilton Beach 49980A is only activated when you brew on the carafe side, which is precisely what you want.

Of course, Hamilton Beach 49980A is programmable. You can set it to brew coffee automatically at a certain time everyday. This way, you can make sure that you will wake up to a fresh pot of coffee every morning. This coffee machine also has an adjustable auto shut-off, so you don’t need to worry when you forget to turn it off as it will turn off by itself after a period of time.

Hamilton Beach 49980A: Performance and Coffee Quality
Many automatic coffee machines in the market are hated by coffee connoisseurs because these machines can’t brew coffee at the ideal brewing temperature, hence resulting in under-extracted coffee and weak flavor. However, people who just want to get some caffeine shots to kickstart their morning are totally fine with this.

The performance of Hamilton Beach 49980A is fairly impressive, mostly because it can brew coffee quickly. It takes less than 10 minutes to brew for a full carafe. When brewing for a single-serve, the time needed to complete the brewing cycle is much shorter.

Also, the ability to choose between ground coffee and pods is also convenient. You can use ground coffee for the scheduled brewing, and use pods when you want some flavorized coffee drinks in the afternoon. There is a wide range of options when it comes to coffee pods.

However, the coffee quality is just okay. Just like most other automatic coffee machines, Hamilton Beach 49980A produces weak coffee. There is little to no bitterness, but the coffee flavor is not as emphasized as desired. The flavor is improved considerably if you use the bold brew strength, but it still doesn’t compare to real quality coffee.

When tested with a thermometer, we can easily see why the coffee flavor is not as strong as desired. The brewing temperature is only about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This is below the ideal temperature range of 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t bother using a premium roast on this coffee machine, as it will produce similar results as using a non-premium roast.

As a result, Hamilton Beach 49980A is suitable for busy people who just want to get coffee quickly and easily, without caring much about the details in the brewing quality or flavor. If you really want to get the best coffee flavor, you need to choose a more capable machine that brews close to the ideal temperature, and perhaps also pair it with a quality burr grinder like Baratza Encore.

Hamilton Beach 49983: Design and Build Quality
Compared to its sibling that we previously discussed, Hamilton Beach 49983 is a little bit more compact. It measures 10.63 inches x 10.24 inches x 13.9 inches. As the effect, it is an arguably better choice if you are living in a small place with a strict space availability.

Hamilton Beach 49983 looks really similar to its predecessor, Hamilton Beach 49980A. It also has a stainless steel finish with black plastic accents. However, this model features a digital readout that looks more stylish. Essentially, they both are functional and effective.

One major difference between Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49983 is the reservoir. Unlike its predecessor, Hamilton Beach 49983 only has one reservoir which is used for both the single-serve side and the carafe side. Is this a good thing? Not really. If you often need to brew single-serve cups after you have prepared the coffee for the next morning, Hamilton Beach 49980A would be a much better choice.

Hamilton Beach 49983: Features
Another thing that sets Hamilton Beach 49983 apart from its predecessor is the fact that it can work with Keurig’s K-cup pods. So, if you really want to use Keurig’s K-cup pods, this is the model that you should choose.

Hamilton Beach 49983 is also very easy to use, but there are a few quirks. As mentioned above, it only has one reservoir, so you will need to refill it more frequently. It will be inconvenient if you have prepared the coffee and water for the next morning’s programmed brewing, but then you receive a guest and need to brew for a cup.

Another quirk is on the warming plate. Somehow, the warming plate for the carafe is always activated, no matter if you are brewing on the single-serve side or the carafe side. Some people are worried that, when the carafe is empty and they are brewing on the single-serve side, the heat from the warming plate can break the carafe – though this apparently hasn’t happened yet.

Nevertheless, Hamilton Beach 49983 is programmable, and it also has an auto-off function. Cleaning is simple. You can use a damp cloth to clean the warming plate and the outer surfaces. The metal tray on the single-serve side is removable, and can be washed under running water.

Hamilton Beach 49983: Performance and Coffee Quality
The performance of Hamilton Beach 49983 is similar to its predecessor. This is something to be expected from automatic coffee machines in this price range. The coffee flavor is weak and watery, unless you choose the bold brew strength which will improve the coffee flavor a little bit.

The brewing temperature is still below the ideal range. This is why the coffee is under-extracted. But the coffee is still good enough if you just want to get some caffeine before going to work in the morning. The coffee flavor is still noticeable, though not as strong as desired.

On the positive side, Hamilton Beach 49983 brews quickly. This is a very nice thing if you don’t have the time to wait for your coffee machine to finish brewing. It only takes a few minutes for a cup of coffee, and it takes less than 10 minutes for a full carafe.

Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49983

- BREW TWO WAYS: Enjoy either a single-serve cup (travel mug not included) or full pot of coffee with the 12-cup carafe
- FULLY PROGRAMMABLE: Wake up to a hot cup of coffee with fully programmable functionality and auto-shutoff
- ADJUSTS TO YOUR CUP: Can brew directly into the carafe, a travel mug (not included) or a short cup
- Versatile brewing - single cup or a full pot.
- Compatible with K-Cup packs.
- Brew a full pot of coffee.

As the conclusion of our discussion, Hamilton Beach 49980A is generally more recommended. It has separate reservoirs for the single-serve side and the carafe side. As the effect, it is much more convenient to use. The warming plate is only activated when you brew on the carafe side. The performance is good; it brews coffee fairly quickly. The coffee flavor is rather weak, but still okay if you just want to get some coffee before going to work.

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