Gaggia Brera vs Titanium

Gaggia Brera and Gaggia Titanium are two great options for those who wish to have an automatic espresso machine. These machines are built with quality material as well as great features to deliver you delicious beverages in every operation. If you are a coffee drinker who likes to custom their drink, you may want to own one of them.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Gaggia Brera and Gaggia Titanium
– How is Gaggia Brera and Gaggia Titanium appearance
– What Gaggia Brera and Gaggia Titanium can offer to you
– Gaggia Brera vs Gaggia Titanium

About Gaggia Brera
Gaggia Brera is an espresso machine from the Italian coffee machine makers Gaggia. This company is owned by Saeco International Group, which is a division of Dutch consumer electronics giant Philips. Coming from Gaggia, the espresso machine promise its customer to provide delicious coffee in every brew. The machine is definitely not affordable but considering the quality, you will not regret on spending on Brera if you are in for the budget.

Gaggia Brera Design
Looking from the outside, the design of Gaggia Brera is very simple with little detail. For those who want a machine that has an aesthetic appearance, Brera might not be your best option. But for people who prioritize function rather than appearance, the machine might be right for you. Gaggia Brera body is covered with stainless steel case to make the machine more robust and ensure you it will gives a long lasting performance.

The controls are all placed in the front of the unit for convenient operation as well as digital display for easy navigation. You may choose between two variants of color when purchasing the machine since it is available in black and silver.

Gaggia Brera Features
As it have been mentioned earlier, Gaggia Brera comes with a built in grinder. The grinder type used is burr grinder in Flat Ceramic, so you can use your favorite beans and don’t have to purchase an additional grinder when you have the machine. Ceramic grinder is known for it have lesser heat transfer and the capability to keep your coffee ground stay aromatic and flavorful. The bean capacity is 8.8oz to let you store your coffee beans safely.

You may adjust the grinder if 5 different settings. 5 is the coarser ground and 1 is the finest ground. The machine is recommending you to adjust the grinding when the grinder is running and for initial use, it is better to choose the coarsest grind setting first.

When you don’t want to use whole coffee beans, you can skip the process and use pre-ground instead. Gaggia Brera bypass doser is a great feature for those who want to drink decaf or flavored coffee over the regular coffee. With its 15-bar pump and stainless steel broiler, the machine will be able to maintain appropriate temperature to produce great beverages.

Gaggia Brera gives you the option to customize your drink. With its Optidose function, you may customize the aroma of your coffee as well as choosing the strength between light, medium or strong brews. With a push of a button, you make an espresso or café lungo and beverage button will make the machine remember the volume of your beverage for next use.

For those who loves espresso and steamed milk based drink, this machine have steaming and frothing wand to create creamy and froth and steamed milk. The wand can be swiveled left and right to accommodate your various steaming pitcher. See also comparison between Gaggia Classic vs Breville Infuser.

About Gaggia Titanium
Gaggia Titanium is another great automatic espresso from Gaggia. This machine is pricier if compared to its brother Brera, we have talked above and still offer the ability to program your favorite beverages as well as great coffee taste in every brew. Titanium is perfect for those who loves customizing and making their drinks however they want as well as for those who want their espresso to taste like those made by professional.

Gaggia Titanium Design
Looking from the outside, Gaggia Titanium look very elegant with sleek and simple appearance. The body is covered with stainless steel case in almost every inch of the machine except for the water reservoir located at the back of the machine. The control buttons are all located at the front of the machine for convenient operation with an LCD display to show you what is happening in the machine in words.

It will tell you when you have to fill the beans, add water, when you have to decalcify the machine as well as if the brew group is out of place.

Gaggia Titanium Features
Gaggia Titanium comes with stainless steel turbo frother to froth your milk into creamy and smooth to swift your bitter espresso into milder beverage. If you are not in the mood for an espresso you can make the machine dispense hot water instead for tea or hot chocolate. Located at the top of the unit, there is a cup warmer that can takes up to six espresso cups; this warmer will automatically on when the machine is also on.

Gaggia Titanium have a built in conical burr grinder that you can adjust between 18 settings, so you can decide whether to grind as coarse or as fine as possible with the machine and with these many settings, there is no need to purchase additional grinder. In case you want to use pre-ground coffee instead of coffee beans, you can use the bypass doser to put your preferred pre-ground, which is really great if you prefer decaf coffee.

Gaggia Titanium is boasting its Automatic Coffee Center to help you make any kind of cappuccino or latte as well as the ability to pre-infuse your ground to create the absolute perfection of flavor extractions as well as perfect crema topping. Just like what you expect from the machine, you can adjust your beverage volume; control the amount of ground coffee used for each beverage, and control your beverage temperature.

With the machine Rapid steam, even though Gaggia Titanium is a single boiler machine, you can go from brewing to steaming and back again without having to wait to fasten your routine in making your favorite beverages.

Now, let’s compare Gaggia Brera with Gaggia Titanium. First, from the look, both machine have a clear different appearance. Second, the burr grinder setting, Brera only able to be setted between 5 different settings while Titanium is offering more settings at 18 options. Third, the cup heating system, Titanium have cup heating feature while Brera does not. Third, Titanium also have more programmability than Brera like the ability to set the beverage temperature.

Gaggia Brera vs Titanium

- Quick heat up times and robust brewing and steaming operations. Coffee bean capacity : 250 gr
- Hassle free 1 year warranty handled by Gaggia directly
- Cup Height: 3.25” to 4.5”
- See instructional video in the images above
- Cobalt Blue digital display guides you through the brewing process and provides alerts and programming information
- Three programmable push-button brew based on the liquid volume you choose
- Removable 60 oz water reservoir
- Conical burr grinder with 18 adjustable grind settings

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Gaggia Titanium does have better features than its brother Gaggia Brera but it also comes with a higher price. In our opinion if you are fine with Gaggia Brera, the machine is still a great option moreover you can save few hundred bucks.

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