Gaggia Babila VS Cadorna Prestige

Espresso machines are convenient and they are able to make the café style beverage at home. The machines are not cheap but they will last for years and many are also very easy to use such as Gaggia Babila Vs Cadorna Prestige. These home brew espresso machines are designed to be ideal for casual drinkers who want to enjoy the beverage fast and deliciously. If you are also eyeing the two, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Brew Espresso Deliciously
  • What are Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige
  • How are the Machines of Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige
  • What are the Drinks in Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige
  • What else Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige can offer
  • How are the Convenience of Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige
  • Gaggia Babila Vs Cadorna Prestige

Brewing Espresso at Home

Coffee is delicious and while some people may argue, it doesn’t change the fact that this bean based beverage is one of the most popular nowadays with drinkers ranging from students to elderly people. The caffeine has some effects too that allow us to feel “better” during the day or night when you have to finish something whether it is a school project or overdue work that needs to be done. For the enthusiast, espresso machines are a very popular kitchen appliance that we can invest in.

Espresso machines are very useful not only for those who drink strictly espresso but those who love lattes, cappuccino, and many other espresso plus steamed milk based beverages. The convenience and versatility are allowing the machine to be used by various people in the house and modern machines don’t even need you to know how the machine actually works because there are lots of automation involved and some machines like Jura can be controlled wirelessly too from the smartphone.

However, if you have the more manual machine, it is wise to know how to brew the beverage correctly and also better or according to your palate. For those who own a machine without a built-in grinder or doser, we need a good scale to begin with. Scale is used to measure the coffee bean and coffee ground for brewing; it is like a measuring cup when you want to make a cake. In general, one shot of espresso requires 6-8 grams of coffee ground to make 1-1.5 fl oz. beverage.

Next is play around with your shot length. Many espresso machines have this feature that you can adjust. Shot length is the time needed for the machine to brew the shot and this is a key to adjust the beverage flavor. In general it can be affected by the machine, recipe, coffee, and also the profile you want but the standard usually calls for a shot to be made not less than 20 seconds but no longer than 50 seconds. A shorter extraction time tends to be sour while the longer they get, the bitter the taste.

You will also need to pay attention to the bean or ingredient being used. The reason why it is best to always grind a new batch before brewing it is because stale coffee loses the flavors. As many know, the roasting process builds up a barrier of CO2 gas in the bean and protects it from oxidizing or losing the aroma and flavors. But, the older this roasted bean is, the more of this gas escapes. For the espresso brewing method, it involves capturing this gas while you pull the shot.

Gaggia Babila Cadorna Prestige
Product Dimensions16.53 x 9.64 x 14.17 inches
17.3 x 10.2 x 15 inches
Shipping Weight28.7 pounds
21 pounds
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About Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige

Now for the most important part, what about the espresso machine? It is undoubted that there are lots of options to choose from and each person may have their own preferences about what type of coffee and the level of convenience they want to have. But, if you want the best convenience and are willing to spend for the quality, we highly recommend bean-to-cup machines. This type of machine incorporates a grinder and doser to allow you brew quickly and more conveniently.

There are plenty of companies making this type of espresso machine such as Gaggia, Jura, and Breville. Gaggia is one of the most popular options for the bean-to-cup because their machines are not only attractive to look at but also rich in features. Many may be concerned about the quality of drinks made by highly automatic machines but we do think they are tasty and can be better than typical coffee made by pod brewer. The only drawback is they can be costly for the one time purchase.

If you don’t have much time to make a delicious beverage but want them to be properly made along with a variety of drinks to try, the Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige are some of the most interesting options to consider. We have talked about the Babila in Gaggia Babila Vs Accademia, rounding both machines as attractive and convenient machines yet, these two are quite expensive. Cadorna Prestige is not priced as high as the Babila but it comes with every necessary feature.

Many say that this machine is a great combination of delicious beverage, convenience, and also value. One of the best things that we found in this machine is the beverage types because while in general espresso machines can make espresso and steamed milk based beverages, some of them may only come with few automatic recipes. The Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige are featured with plenty of drinks from the menu, very easy to use, and also brewing deliciously at the comfort of your home.

Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige Machines

Now let’s take a look into the machines first because they are slightly different. The Babila is a top of the line model and it is quite expensive but the housing is arguably more attractive, especially with this stainless finish. The machine’s size is about the same and the layout is kind of similar as well. As a one-touch machine they are featuring a small display and a set of buttons to select the beverage or to navigate the menu available on each system.

There is a water reservoir and a compartment to store used coffee grounds on Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige. We love that they are using coffee grounds instead so we are reducing the use of plastic for each cup made compared with pod machines and instant coffee. The machines include a removable milk carafe that can be attached or detached easily. The most noticeable difference is Babila has a manual wand too while it is only automatic on the Cadorna Prestige.

Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige Drinks

Moving forward, let’s see what the Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige can offer starting from the beverage types or menu first. You can make steamed milk and espresso based beverages manually but the automation is just far more convenient. Listing from the machines, Babila can brew espresso, lungo, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, latte, ristretto, espresso macchiato, and flat white. The Cadorna Prestige can brew coffee, Americano, espresso, lungo, latte macchiato, cappuccino, flat white, café au lait, café cortado, latte macchiato XL, cappuccino XL, ristretto, and frothed milk.

Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige Features

It is easy to see why Cadorna Prestige is a very attractive choice with its abundant options of drinks so everyone in the house can find their favorite coffee beverage. But, Babila also comes with features that are not present on the lower model such as the manual steaming wand. Besides steaming or frothing milk automatically based on the beverage chosen, we can do it manually using the dedicated wand and this is perfect for experienced users when you have time to craft the beverage for some personalization.

Another very useful feature in our opinion is Flow Knob, located on the brewing spout. This knob is useful to adjust the levels of extraction to match the strength between stronger espresso and lighter or larger coffee without over-extracting it. Other features such as brew strength and temperatures are available on both Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige. You can also program these beverages for more personalized results.

Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige Convenience 

Lastly for the ease of use, these machines are pretty much the same to each other because they are coming from the same line. You can use either coffee bean or pre-ground coffee for brewing alternatives like decaf. You can adjust the grind size and choose the type of beverage to make. The Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige will automatically grind the perfect amount for your coffee according to the settings we have chosen and make the beverage automatically in a few seconds.

Depending on the beverage chosen, if milk is available they can put the milk first and then coffee or coffee and then milk. This can affect both taste and presentation of your drink unless you will end up stirring it.

Gaggia Babila Vs Cadorna Prestige

Both Gaggia Babila and Cadorna Prestige are convenient machines and will deliver tasty drinks at the comfort of your home. The main differences in our opinion are the menu available on the Cadorna Prestige and the extensive features on the Babila. The Babila is more suitable for users with more experience with its manual frothing wand so we can texturize the milk manually but for most people Cadorna Prestige is more than enough, moreover you get plenty of drink types here.

- One touch brewing and frothing: bean-to-cup feature. Milk carafe includes automatic milk frothing for cappuccinos, and milk froth. Manual steam wand doubles as a hot water dispenser
- ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 1 bottle of Gaggia Descaler, 1 AquaClean Water Filter, 1 Water Hardness Test Strip, 1 Tube of Brew Group Lubricant, 1 Brew Group Brush, 1 Coffee Scoop/Grinder Key
- PROGRAMMABLE: 8 Programmable brewing options for espressos, espresso lungos, coffee, ristrettos, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiato, flat whites and milk foam
- Easy access to water reservoir: features a top Loading removable 50.7oz water reservoir; Brew Boiler Wattage: 1400
- 14 Pre-Programmed Beverages|Build your home barista menu with 14 pre-programmed beverages including a ristretto, espresso, espresso lungo, coffee, americano, cappuccino, cappuccino XL, café au lait, café cortado, latte macchiato, latte macchiato XL, flat white, frothed milk, and hot water for tea, hot cocoa, or infusions.
- Integrated Milk Carafe|An integrated milk carafe creates the perfect temperature and texture of milk foam to make a beautifully layered milk based beverage. It runs through an automatic rinse cycle to get rid of any residual milk so you won’t have to worry about a messy clean-up process.
- 4 User Profiles|Create up to 4 user profiles on the Cadorna Plus and save your favorite drinks for everyday consistency.
- Intuitive User Interface|A full color TFT display allows you to scroll through 14 specialty beverages with backlit buttons and experiment with a number of customizable settings to build your favorite barista-style beverage.


There is no bad option but based on which seems to match your preference the most. We recommend Cadorna Prestige for both the price and also features. This machine is cheaper, comes with all the necessary features and is still very easy to use.


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