Fresh Roast SR500 vs SR700

After you get your coffee/espresso machine and your grinder of choice, now is the time to select a home roasting tool. We know that roasting process and bean types affect the taste of our final coffee, so it is important to choose the one with sufficient controls. Fresh Roast SR500 and SR700 are two great options available that not only easy to use but also comes with enough controls for you to adjust the roasting. Go check our article below for more information.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Fresh Roast SR500 and SR700
– How the machines look like
– What Fresh Roast SR500 and SR700 can offer to you
– Fresh Roast SR500 vs SR700

About Fresh Roast SR500
Fresh Roast SR500 is a home roaster system that you can use to roast your favorite beans at home. This machine looks pretty simple yet it able to performed really well and is perfect for all coffee lovers out there who would love to create their favorite beverages from scratch. Some of you may not familiar with this machine, but actually they are already being in the market for many years and still continue to be one of the most popular home roasting system these days.

Fresh Roast SR500 Design
From the outside Fresh Roast SR500 share a little similarity with Petromax lamp with clear glass between two plastic body at the top and bottom. This clear glass is where you are going to put your beans in to roast them and at the bottom of foot of this appliance, you will found the control complete with a digital display. This control is very simple one temperature control, fan speed, timer, and on/off button. Measuring at 6 x 6 x 3 inches, you won’t need much space to operate and store this roaster.

Fresh Roast SR500 Features
Before we talked about Fresh Roast SR500 capabilities, this machine is air roaster, which means it works by utilizing forced hot air to agitate and roast coffee beans. If the hot air is controlled perfectly, it can and able to flows between or circulated through your coffee beans and roasting each one of them evenly. As it have been mentioned earlier, this appliance have a fan speed control, so you can have a full control into the process.

However, if this is your first time roasting, you may want to try each setting to check which one gives you the best result. When it is about roasting, we can’t leave temperature setting untouched. Fresh Roast SR500 offer three temperature settings that you can set or adjusted anytime during the roasting process. You may choose between High at 490 degrees, Medium at 455 degrees, and low temperature at 390 degree. See our previous article on Rancilio Silvia vs La Pavoni EPC-8 here.

When roasting, one thing that you have to keep in mind beside heat is the time you need to roast the beans. If you use too little time, it may not dark enough or if you roast it too long, it may scorch your beans and spoil them. Fresh Roast SR500 offer you with time control, so you can adjust how much time needed by the machine to roast. But similar to fan and temperature control, if you are still not used to it you have to do some trial and error first.
You can adjust the time with up and down buttons in the control panel and the time will be shown through the digital display. Its maximum time control is 9.9 minutes. Fresh Roast SR500 maximum capacity is around 120 grams or a quarter pound, which you can use to brew around 10 cups of coffee.

About Fresh Roast SR700
Fresh Roast SR700 is also a home roasting system. Similar to its brother we have talked above, this model offer great simplicity of its operation, so even if you are a novice brewer, you will still able to use this appliance with ease. Even though there will be trial and error at your first tries, all the features are clear so you won’t have to guess what they are used for. For those who want to craft their coffee from scratch, owning a home roasting system will made a nice investment.

Fresh Roast SR700 Design
From the outside, Fresh Roast SR700 body still have the same appearance with its brother Fresh Roast SR500. There is a glass container placed at the middle of unit between the top cover and foot, where control panel is located. The size is still as compact as 6 x 6 13 inches, so you can place it in any flat surface without making your kitchen looks to crowded as well as can be stored easily.

Fresh Roast SR700 Features
Different from the previous version, the controls in Fresh Roast SR700 are all buttons and there is no control knob or switch, but it still comes with digital display. The unique and probably the best ability of this roaster is it can be connected to your PC through USB port. Instead on using it manually, now you will be able to create, save and modify your roasting profiles, which may save up to 20 discrete steps, so you can fine-tune the roasting process better.

One hidden advantage of this unique feature is you don’t have to use the company’s proprietary software. One option available is an open source software called Rostero or Openroast. Check how to use it with the software in Youtube. This software provide you with a lot of mileage out of your machine. However, if you don’t want to connect it to your PC and want to use it manually, you will still able to use Fresh Roast SR700 with ease.

Fresh Roast SR700 maximum capacity is still at around 120 grams or a quarter pound. You can tune the fan speed using a button with digital display to show you the current speed. The temperature settings are between high at 490 degrees, medium at 455 degrees, and low at 390 degrees. Timer can be adjusted with two buttons for lowering and increase the time for up to 9.9 minutes.

One unfortunate thing in Fresh Roast SR700 is it only works with Windows computer, but it can be dealt with another software.

Now, let’s compare Fresh Roast SR500 with Fresh Roast SR700. From the manual capabilities they still have the same features. From the control panel, Fresh Roast SR500 uses a combination of buttons, knob, and switch while in Fresh Roast SR700 all of them changed into buttons. The prominent difference is Fresh Roast SR700 can be connected to your PC where you can create, save and edit roasting profiles while this ability is not present in Fresh Roast SR500.

Fresh Roast SR500 vs SR700

- Quietest air roaster; Great visibility; Very simple to use; Chaff collection; Durable; Small footprint; cooling cycle
- Manual stirring or a high fan setting are required for even roasts; Some coasting as beans cool in the roast chamber
- 4 oz (90 grams) yielding about 3.5 oz (78 grams) of roasted coffee
- Volts/Watts 110v / 1500w
- Heating Source electric element
- Computer interface allowing you to operate the roaster from your Windows PC. Compatible with Window XP
- Allowing to you replicate the exact roast profile in the future.
- You can modify and save stored roast profiles without actually re-roasting
- Windows 7 and Windows 8
- Each modification to your roast can be saved

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion Fresh Roast SR700 does offer great ability and if you don’t mind about spending more, we highly recommend you Fresh Roast SR700 so you can roast your coffee beans with better and easier customization.

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