DeLonghi Magnifica vs Perfecta

DeLonghi Magnifica and Perfecta are two espresso machines from the same manufacturer. Even though these machines have been released years ago, their capabilities and ease of use are still loved until today. If you are interested on one of them, you may want to check our article below first before making any purchase just to make sure you are choosing the most suitable one for you.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is DeLonghi Magnifica and Perfecta
– How DeLonghi Magnifica and Perfecta Looks Like
– What DeLonghi Magnifica and Perfecta can offer to you
– DeLonghi Magnifica vs Perfecta

About DeLonghi Magnifica
DeLonghi Magnifica is an espresso machine by the Italian company that already made countless high quality machines DeLonghi. This machine is boasting its capabilities of providing you with beans to coffee experience right at your home. For those who want to unleash their inner barista or simply a coffee lover, owning a dependable and easy to use machine like this one is sure and advantage. Not only is it packed with interesting features, DeLonghi Magnifica also comes in a friendly price.

DeLonghi Magnifica Design
From the outside, we can agree that DeLonghi Magnifica looks pretty tough. The body is built with stainless steel covering the internal components. Measuring at 15.3 x 11 x 14.4 inches, the unit is smaller than many other similar machines in its class but this also means you won’t have to spare much space to put the machine. All the controls you need to operate the machine are placed at the front of the unit with indicator light for more convenient operation.

DeLonghi Magnifica Features
DeLonghi Magnifica comes with double Thermoblock made from stainless steel to heat the water faster and easy descaling. It is recommended to descaling the machine every two months to keep it clean. You can easily perform the descaling at home by following the steps included in the manual. Compared to regular boiler, Thermoblock is proven to be faster in heating water.The machine is also promised you that the water temperature will be kept at ideal level, so your espresso will taste just perfect.

Another great thing on DeLonghi Magnifica is its programmability. You may choose how strong your espresso will taste and how much volume you want by using the control knobs at the control panel. A sit have been mentioned earlier, this machine boast its ability to give you beans to coffee experience because it comes with a built in grinder. The grinder type is burr grinder with grinding options, so you can decide how coarse or how fine your ground will be.

Unlike the other controls, the knob to adjust the grind sizes are located at the coffee bean container on top if the machine. With these grinder, you don’t have to purchase additional coffee grinder either. But if you are a fan of decaf or just want to use your favorite coffee blend, you can use the pre-ground option and put your ground on the second compartment. Just make sure the machine is already on and you already choose the pre-ground option before pouring your ground.

For those who loves latte or cappuccino, DeLonghi Magnifica comes with its patented cappuccino system frother. Inside the machine there is a special chamber to use to create the ideal steam to froth the milk. The wand is also rotatable to accommodate any milk container sizes. For another great espresso machines, check our article on Gaggia Brera vs DeLonghi Magnifica here.

About DeLonghi Perfecta
DeLonghi Perfecta is an espresso machine by the same name company and also the brother of more popular one Magnifica we have talked earlier. This machine is claimed as a super automatic espresso machine that also user friendly offer many programmable capabilities for you who loves making their coffee with some customization. The machine is perfect for coffee drinkers that want a modern machines but have less to spend, since it is more affordable than many similar machines out there in its class.

DeLonghi Perfecta Design
From the outside, we can agree that DeLonghi Perfecta looks very modern with all the controls you need to operate the unit placed in a square panel with a small screen for you to see the settings. Located at the top, there is a compartment with a lid where you can fill your coffee beans inside. The body is constructed from plastic but it don’t look cheap at all and sturdy enough.

Measuring at 17.5 x 11.1 x 14.9 inches, you can place it strategically in your kitchen without making it looks too crowded.

DeLonghi Perfecta Features
DeLonghi Perfecta boast its capability on its programmability. You practically can choose how your beverage will taste through its many adjustments. You may choose your coffee strength between 5 settings including extra mild, milk, regular, strong, and extra strong. Not only that, this machine also gives you the freedom to choose between 3 cup sizes start from ristretto (small), espresso (medium), and large (American coffee).

Additional settings you can choose are start and shut off time, clock, coffee temperature, and water hardness.As it have been mentioned earlier that DeLonghi Perfecta comes with integrated grinder. This grinder is burr type and will grind your coffee beans in a range of sizes that you can adjust according to your taste. There are 13 grind settings you can choose to grind as coarse or as fine to suit your preference.

To heat your water quickly, DeLonghi Perfecta is using Thermoblock technology to ensure even heat distribution and serve your coffee in a short time. The pressing power itself is a powerful 15 bar to make sure your ground is extracted fully into your cup. For those coffee and milk base beverage drinker, the machine has double boiler to removes waiting time between brewing and frothing operation. If you are not in the mood for coffee, this machine also able to dispense hot water for your tea or hot chocolate.

At the top the unit, there is a cup warmer to prepare your cup before pouring the espresso in. when it is time to clean the machine will show you an indicator light to notify and remind you.

Now, let’s compare DeLonghi Magnifica with DeLonghi Perfecta. From the programmability DeLonghi Perfecta offer more options, such as coffee temperature and a wider brewing strength. If you purchase Perfecta, you will also get 25 ounce milk container along with the machine. Perfecta also have a screen for better and easier operation that Magnifica doesn’t.

DeLonghi Magnifica vs Perfecta

- Patented "Cappuccino System" frother that mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth
- Easy-to-use rotary and push button control panel with programmable menu settings and beans container capacity is 8.8 ounces
- Grinds beans instantly with the patented, compact and easy-to-clean "Direct-to-Brew" system
- Professional-quality, conical low-pitch burr grinder with adjustable grind fineness.Maximum cup height: 4.25 inches
- Utilize De'Longhi's specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest)
- Patented "Single Touch" hot milk system. Simply slide the milk tank onto front of the machine. Clean button makes it easy to maintain
- Grinds beans instantly with the patented "Direct-to-Brew" system. Brewing system is compact and removable for easy cleaning
- No waiting between preparing espresso and cappuccino with the double boiler system
- Professional-quality conical low-pitch burr grinder. Grind settings allow you to adjust the fineness for all types of beans
- Utilize De'Longhi's specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest)

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both machines are a great options if you want a dependable espresso machine with some programmability. But in our opinion, DeLonghi Magnifica is still the better option since the price gap between both are too wide and those additional options in Perfecta shouldn’t be cost that much.

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