Cuisinart SS-10 vs Keurig Elite

Coffee is delicious and for those enthusiasts who are drinking them often, having a coffee machine at home sounds like a great idea. There are plenty of coffee or espresso machines like Cuisinart SS-10 Vs Keurig Elite in the market that can cut your time preparing the beverage. These machines are ideal for people who don’t want to prepare the coffee from scratch and want a quick beverage. If you are also eyeing these machines, do check what they can offer and which of them will be the better option.

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  • Cuisinart SS-10 Vs Keurig Elite

Coffee Brewing Machines

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks beside water and tea, especially in the latest years. There have been coffee shops and products released in the market to answer the customers demand from coffee beans to canned coffee beverages so people can have their daily dose of caffeine in a way they prefer better. Personally, we are a fan of buying them from stores for convenience but it is also quite expensive when you pile the cost for every cup in a month and even a year.

We do think having a coffee machine at home will reduce this cost to a certain level without reducing the convenience. Brewing coffee from ready to use blend or grinding them at home sounds like what enthusiasts will choose but we just want to drink the coffee and if possible, they stay delicious without having to put much effort. Of course there is only so much we can hope for in an automatic machine but many of them are also quite reliable and able to make tasty drinks.

The options of coffee machines vary widely depending on what you want to achieve. For those coffee aficionados, being able to choose the coffee bean they prefer and making them fresh everytime makes sure the beverage retains the natural taste and quality. Machines like Delonghi Bar32 Vs EC155 combined with coffee grinder will be sufficient to offer convenience. This way we can ground the bean only before brewing and the espresso machine is versatile as well to make various coffee based beverages.

If you want to invest more but still need the bean to cup fresh quality, espresso machines with built-in grinder like Breville BES870XL have all the features you need in one machine. They also have frothing wands too in order to make coffee and milk based beverages at the comfort of your kitchen. For the rest of us who just want to get a good cup of coffee without having to think about the coffee bean and other ingredients, a single serving machine will probably be the most convenient option.

Single serving coffee machines are not new anymore and they have been very popular since being introduced in the market. They are using the single-use coffee pods or cup and brewing using the mechanism inside. In general there will be a needle that pierces through the cup and ejecting water to blend the mix and dispense the water into your cup. Depending on the machines, we can program them to follow your preference.

 Cuisinart SS-10Keurig Elite
Product Dimensions11.03 x 9.33 x 12.13 inches
12.7 x 9.9 x 13.1 inches
Shipping Weight9.9 pounds
6.6 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Cuisinart SS-10 and Keurig Elite

If you are here then we assume that you are also looking for a convenient machine like a single-serving coffee pod. They are easy to use and what you need to do is only prepare the pod itself because the machine will do the rest of the brewing process. Essentially they are brewing machines because they only mix the blend and water. However, different machines can have different special mechanisms or menu and personalization. Besides the coffee specialized brands, many kitchen appliance manufacturers also offer the machines.

You can find many of them out there but to save time, we recommend going for the well-known brands of your favorite brands if they have one. Most of them are similar to each other but we do think choosing the coffee pods itself is even important to make sure your favorite variant of blend is compatible with the machine. Among those companies with single serving coffee machines, Cuisinart and Keurig are two ideal options to consider. Both are well-known companies with good reputation or product qualities.

While Keurig is the first who popularized single serving machines, now we can find plenty of them in the market. Cuisinart is probably more popular for their kitchen appliances but their coffee machine is a good option to add in your kitchen as well. These two carry various models in the catalog to match with your preference and for those who prefer straightforward machines that are easy to use, Cuisinart SS-10 and Keurig Elite are two ideal choices you will love to have.

They are versatile and what we like is they are compatible with the Keurig K-Cup pods so if you are liking the beverage blends from this brand then we do think the two will equally satisfy your daily coffee brewing process. In addition, Cuisinart SS-10 and Keurig Elite seem to come with several personalizations as well which makes the brewing process even convenient and suitable for families or single users who often enjoy the beverage at home or bringing it to their workplace in the morning.

Cuisinart SS-10 and Keurig Elite Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these coffee machines are very similar to each other when it comes to design. They are compact as well and made mostly from plastic but still look nice for addition on your kitchen top. Starting with the SS-10 this machine is available in new color the SS-10P1 if you want a modern looking one. This one is more traditional looking with measurement of 11 inches deep, 9.33 inches wide, and 12 inches tall.

Similarly, the Elite machine from Keurig is about 12.7 inches deep, 9.9 inches wide, and 13 inches tall. In comparison, Cuisinart places the water tank right at the left side, the same with Keurig but you can see it clearly on SS-10 as it is transparent while the latter is using a regular compartment. Both have small displays, a set of controls to navigate the menu and to apply personalization but the SS-10 is larger thus, easier to see.

Cuisinart SS-10 and Keurig Elite Brewing Options

Now let’s see what Cuisinart SS-10 and Keurig Elite can offer. Both of them can use the same K-Cup pods and what we love the most is they are compatible with the reusable cup as well so if you have a favorite blend or coffee ground then we can brew them within the machine. This is also more cost saving because we don’t have to buy coffee pods every so often and only have them for when you really want the specialized beverage.

From the menu, you can choose the capacity that you want to brew and here both of them are also the same or you can choose from five different sizes from extra small 4 oz. to large cup 12oz. which is ideal when you want to make beverages like iced coffee. The height clearance of the spout is also quite tall to accommodate a taller cup or tumbler. However, there is no height adjustment in either of them.

Cuisinart SS-10 and Keurig Elite Feature

Moving to the features part, what we like the most from Cuisinart SS-10 and Keurig Elite is the ability to adjust their brewing temperature so you can decide how hot or cool the water should be. The method to program this temperature varies however. Such as, in SS-10 you can press the setting buttons 3 times and use the up or down button to select the temperature desired from 187 to 192 degree. In Elite, there is no precise setting however so we can only choose from XHOT and HOT settings.

In addition we also like the Hot Water button that you can find on both machines. This is very convenient for when you are making other beverages or meals because we can use it to make hot cocoa, tea, ready to serve soup, cup noodles, etc. In SS-10 there is another feature to choose stronger brew, menu for iced coffee, and smart start to quicken the process.

Brewing With Cuisinart SS-10 and Keurig Elite

Brewing with Cuisinart SS-10 and Keurig Elite are also pretty much the same. What you need to do is powering the brewer, adding the selected pod whether it is the K-Cup or reusable cup and selecting the brew size that you want. After the brewer heats up water, the brewing process itself only takes a few seconds and you are done with the beverage. Do note that the used cup inside the machine is hot so we must be careful when removing them.

Cuisinart SS-10 vs Keurig Elite

Both of them are good machines and convenient for coffee drinkers who want to have the beverage at home and brew from their favorite blend. They are pretty much similar to each other as well with some slight differences on water capacity as Keurig is just slightly more at 75 oz. versus 72 oz. On the feature side the SS-10 has more to offer such as precise temperature setting and brewing menus but, it is also more expensive than the Elite.

- K-Cup compatible brewer makes one cup at a time,Compatible with any brand of single cup pod including Keurig - K-Cup pods. Cord length : 32 Inches
- Included Components: SS-10 unit
- 72-oz water reservoir
Removable drip tray
- WHAT'S IN THE BOX: One water filter handle, and one filter to help ensure your beverages taste their absolute best
- BREWS MULTIPLE CUP SIZES: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12oz Enjoy the most popular cup sizes
- STRONG BREW BUTTON: Increases the strength and bold taste of your coffee’s flavor
- ICED SETTING: Brew hot over ice at the touch of a button for full-flavored, delicious iced coffee


It is best to choose the one that fits your preference the most but in comparison, we do recommend the SS-10 for the temperature and brewing menu. We also prefer the transparent water reservoir as you can see the capacity and when to refill it more conveniently. 


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