Creatista Plus vs Uno

Coffee is tasty, they are a great beverage to start the day and energize your afternoon but also delicious. But, they may need some moment to make or brew and if you are looking to be convenient, Creatista Plus Vs Uno will be a good machine to have in the kitchen. These machines are easy to use but also offer some interesting features for coffee lovers and if you are interested, go check what they can offer below then pick the one that fits your house the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about: 

  • What to Look in a Coffee Machine
  • What are Creatista Plus and Uno
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  • How to Brew with Creatista Plus and Uno
  • Creatista Plus Vs Uno

Coffee Machines

Living a busy life can be very tiring and there are times when you just run out of energy or even the sleep doesn’t seem to refresh your body.  A cup of hot coffee can be the savior of the day to both lighten your mood and energize your mind, making the tired body somehow able to focus again. Thanks to their caffeine content, this is one of our favorite beverages and not only useful, they are convenient to make, available almost everywhere, but also tasty.

For those who are consuming the beverage almost everyday, the budget we spent for the coffee can add up quite fast if not maintained. Getting coffee from shops is great because they are convenient but many are too expensive which is why we prefer to brew at home. While you can always make any type of coffee beverage depending on which seems tasty at the moment, having a coffee machine or maker can save you much time and effort especially if there are more people in the house.

Coffee Machine and the Beverage

While the coffee machine itself is self-explanatory, not all machines will be able to brew the same beverages depending what they are designed to. The basic machine or coffee maker can only make black coffee by extracting the beverage using dripping water above the coffee ground so then the filter below will separate the coffee ground and the beverage in one go. They are cheap and great for people who only drink black coffee but if you prefer concentrated drink, an espresso machine will be the best choice.

They are expensive but can make coffee shop-authentic espresso at home and most are coming with frothing wands or functions for a more versatile operation. If you will be drinking lots of variants of coffee beverage, pod machines are probably the best since they can make anything as long as the beverage mix is available in the pod designed to be used with the machine.

Coffee Machine and Features

Varying machines will also have varying features; some may be unique for the manufacturer or model. You can pick anything that seems to enhance the user experience but depending on the machine type, the useful features will be different as well. For coffee makers, we always look for a heating plate as it will keep your beverage warm/hot, for an espresso machine we often look for milk frother or coffee grinder so we can make fresh espresso anytime, and for pod machines we prefer those with a programmable menu.

About Creatista Plus and Uno

The best machine is always those that fits your preference or needs the most and it is wise to shop based on what you will want to have or want to do with the machine. If you are here then we assume that a pod coffee machine will be the most versatile and convenient in the house and we agree that it is very easy to use with a wide variety of beverages. Before choosing the machine, it is better to consider their pod options; be it the variety or price range and availability.

This type of coffee machine is very popular and you can see lots of manufacturers offering the same products or at least similarly capable in the market and one of them is Nespresso. This brand offers pod coffee machines which are prominently focusing on espresso beverages so they have certain technology to mimic the mechanism of real espresso machines which uses a pressure system to extract the beverage. This brand also has two lines called Original and Vertuo lines that use different pods and different mechanisms.

For those who are loving the taste of concentrated coffee beverages such as espresso, their Original line machines will be a very ideal option to consider. Two of them are Creatista Plus and Uno which are very similar to each other when it comes to capability in brewing the same beverage from the same pod but similar to many other machines from Nespresso such as Lattissima One Vs Pro, there are some details that one of them are missing from.

These details however, will not alter the capabilities of both machines and in our opinion they are equally useful and convenient yet, the higher options usually have some interesting or more personalization ready to use. Creatista Plus and Uno are going to brew tasty coffee beverages from pod or coffee cups made for these machine lines but they are also easy to use just like any other similar machines out there. We personally like their manual feature so we can craft the beverage better if you are interested in coffee brewing.

Creatista Plus and Uno Design

What can be confusing is because these machines are practically identical to each other in a glance which makes it a bit difficult to set them apart in an instant. As you can see, they also have the same overall design and shape as well as placement in which the left is for coffee spout and the right is for their frothing wand. They are similar to capsules when viewed from the upper part and here we can see the difference between them.

As the more expensive machine, the Creatista Plus has a display at the top along with two buttons in which one also acts as a rotating knob to navigate the menu. On the other hand, the Creatista Uno only comes with a set of buttons in round shape to let you operate the machine. They equally put the clear water tank at the back to give a streamlined shape and in addition, they have this retractable tray which comes from a slot in the front panel to accommodate small cups.

Creatista Plus and Uno Beverages

Moving further, the first thing you may want to know when purchasing a new coffee machine is probably the beverage itself. Here we can make anything, especially espresso beverages, from the suitable coffee pods that are designed to work with Nespresso Original line machines and you can see the pod have a pointy dome with a higher and slimmer tube. For the beverage sizes, there are Ristretto, Espresso, and Lungo in both machines but also milk and coffee beverages such as espresso.

The difference is that Creatista Plus have each menu for these coffee and milk beverages while in Uno they are manually selected and crafted. You can make the same beverages however, just the steps and control panel will be different.

Creatista Plus and Uno Features

As for the feature part, this is what’s so interesting about Creatista machines because they give a more versatility into the beverage crafting, making them great choices for espresso enthusiasts who want the most convenient operation. With Creatista Plus and Uno we can adjust not only the coffee sizes but also the milk froth level and its temperature because both machines have a heat or temperature sensor where the milk jug is supposed to sit in. We can choose the temperature in 3 different levels for the milk in any machine.

The method to adjust is what’s different between the two because we do think the Uno is easier and straightforward as it only uses button and light indicator to let you know the current and desired setting. On the Plus machine, we use buttons and a knob to navigate and adjust the same settings. In addition, these machines will also let you to program the beverage sizes manually to fit the amount you want.

Brewing with Creatista Plus and Uno 

Brewing with Creatista Plus and Uno are also easy and they don’t require any additional steps despite being made focused to brew espresso. The machines will need a moment to heat the water up and after they are ready, put a coffee in the slot and choose the size you want. For coffee and milk based beverages, we can use cold milk and choose the milk frothing and temperature setting. Put the jug below the frother and submerge the wand until the desired texture is reached. Pour the milk in the cup when done and open then close the coffee pod slot to eject the used pod.

Creatista Plus vs Uno

These machines are great, they are convenient and easy to use but also very much similar to each other because what the first can offer will also present on the latter. Their difference is only on the control panel as Plus has a display so we can see the menu better and it also has a stainless steel finish which looks fancier than the plastic Uno yet, their capabilities are the same including the brewing method.

- Single serve coffee & espresso machine: the Nespresso Creatista plus offers freshly brewed coffee as well as delicious authentic espresso
- Barista grade: brew different single serve coffee and espresso beverage options at the touch of a button depending on your coffee needs
- Smart coffee and espresso maker: Brew a perfect single serve coffee or espresso cup time after time with an easy TFT LCD display that assists you on all preparation
- Integrated milk frother: Automatic built in milk frother with 8 texture levels and 11 different milk temperature settings (11 settings, 55 76°c / 133 169°f)
- Create cafe quality micro foam: Featuring a fully automatic steam wand, the machine offers 3 levels of milk temperature and fast adjustments to create café quality coffee as well as beautiful latte art creations
- Convenience without compromise: All the convenience of a Nespresso portioned coffee machine paired with Breville's advanced micro foam milk technology. A technology brought for the first time to a portioned coffee machine
- Create your favorite recipes: Whether you have a passion for black coffee or a coffee with perfectly texturised milk. The Creatista Uno provides a simple user interface for coffee preparation, settings and machine maintenance
- Auto clean function: The automatic steam wand purges itself ensuring minimal clean up and more time to enjoy your favorite coffee


All in all, you can pick any of them because they are equally reliable but if you want to save the budget, we do recommend getting Creatista Uno because they are easier to use and equally capable of offering the same features.


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