Cappuccino vs Frappuccino

Cappuccino and Frappuccino are famous beverages that prepared with coffee base. Both of them have different appearance and taste but loved by equally many people. One can only be made with coffee, but the other can be made with various ingredients aside coffee. For you who are still curious about how both of them differ from each other, you may want to read our article below and try our recommendation.

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About Cappuccino
Cappuccino is defined by Wikipedia as a coffee drink originated in Italy and prepared using whether single or double espresso and steamed milk foam. Cappuccino name comes from the beverage resemblance to Capuchin friar’s habit. This beverage have some other variants, which was added with some flavoring, such as cinnamon or chocolate and sometimes the steamed milk is replaced with cream. If compared to caffe latte, Cappuccino is typically served in smaller portion or volume, but have thicker layer of micro foam. Besides getting it in coffee shops, restaurants, or similar establishments, you can make your cappuccino at home even when you don’t have espresso machine, by using instant Cappuccino beverages that available in your grocery stores. One popular instant Cappuccino brand is Gevalia Cappuccino.

About Gevalia Cappuccino
The one we used in our picture above is the single K-cup version, but you can get the product in regular package and if you are currently avoiding caffeine, they also have the decaffeinate version. different from many Cappuccino products out there, Gevalia Cappuccino doesn’t taste bitter at all, thanks to its unique Cappuccino Froth that was made from real milk. Gevalia Cappuccino have smooth mildly sweet, with subtle roasted notes. This cappuccino is made with 100% Arabica coffee, nonfat dry milk, sugar, hydrogenated coconut oil, and many more.

About Frappuccino
Frappuccino is a beverage trademarked by Starbucks for their line of iced, blended, coffee drinks. The beverage is made with coffee or crème base and blended with other various ingredients then can be topped with whip cream and sauces when ordered in the stores. Aside from ordering your Frappuccino in the stores, you can get it in bottled version in grocery stores and from vending machines. The name Frappuccino is actually a portmanteau of Frappe, which is a beverage native to England. Frappe can be milkshakes with ice cream, and cappuccino. If you are interested on other Starbucks coffee, read our article on Starbucks Blonde Roast Veranda Vs Willow here.

Frappuccino Variants
Frappuccino is available in many versions including decaffeinated, crème base non-daisy alternative, juice blends, and modifications. You can get the decaffeinate version when you order it in stores by asking your barista to use the decaffeinated shots of espresso. If you don’t like coffee, you can order your Frappuccino using crème based called Blended Crème. People who avoid dairy product can order Frappuccino with soy-milk, coconut milk or almond milk. The juice blend are no longer available this day, but it was from 2006 to 2008. When it is still available, Juice blends are made from various fruit juice combined with Tao Tea and blended with ice. As we already knew, one great thing about Starbucks is we can modify our beverages the way we like. You can get your Frappuccino with additional espresso shots, flavored syrups, chocolate chips or flavored powders. You also can decide your Frappuccino consistency by asking less ice or extra ice.

Now, let’s compare Cappuccino with Frappuccino. After reading our article above, you may already know that they are clearly different. Cappuccino is only made with single or double espresso with steamed milk, while Frappuccino can be made with various ingredients and can be modified according to your taste.

Cappuccino vs Frappuccino

- Cappuccino Froth is made from real milk
- Espresso Roast Coffee made from 100% Arabica beans
- 91 calories per combined cup and packet
- Pack of fifteen glass bottles, 9.5 ounces per bottle
- Variety pack includes 9 bottles of Mocha flavor and 6 bottles of Vanilla flavor
- Mocha - 180 calories per bottle, Vanilla - 200 calories per bottle

All in all, the choice is all yours; you can pick whichever you like the most or suit your taste better. Cappuccino may come from various brands, but Frappuccino is always Starbucks.

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