Cappuccino vs Espresso

Cappuccino and espresso are coffee based beverages we commonly found in coffee shops and in instant form sold in grocery stores. Even though they are made with the same coffee, they have different taste and aroma. Before you sip your next coffee, read our article below, because we are going to introduce you to some popular brands of cappuccino and espresso.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Cappuccino and Espresso
– Our Recommendation of great Cappuccino and Espresso
– Cappuccino and Espresso

About Cappuccino
Cappuccino defined by Wikipedia is the Italian coffee that was prepared by adding steamed milk foam to single or double espresso. This drink also made into other variations by using cream instead of milk and added with some flavoring, such as cinnamon or chocolate powder. Cappuccino is differ from caffe latte by the volume, since the later has thinner layer of microfoam. The name cappuccino name from its resemblance to Capuchin friars habits referring to the color of cappuccino when being poured with small portion of milk. Today cappuccino are being serve at coffee shop, restaurants and similar places, it also available in instant form. One of the famous and loved by many people is the Hills Bros, Cappuccino, Sugar-Free French Vanilla.

About Hills Bros, Cappuccino, Sugar-Free French Vanilla
Hills Bros, Cappuccino, Sugar-Free French Vanilla is a product by Hill Bros, which is now owned by Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA. This coffee mixture is very versatile, it can be drink iced or hot, and it also can be mixed into various coffee or milk beverages to add more flavor. It has luscious and creamy vanilla flavor to enhance the taste of similar beverages without adding high calories. The sugar-free version are the most popular, since it have very low carbohydrates with only about 8g per serving. Aside from the sugar-free version, this cappuccino French Vanilla also has the original, decaf, fat free and available in canister, single serve and K-Cup.  If you are interested on other coffee brands, check our article on Folgers Vs Maxwell House Coffee here.

About Espresso
Espresso is the coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Espresso is thicker and taste richer than coffee brewed with common methods, it comes with higher concentration and has crema on top, which is a foam with a creamy consistency caused by the brewing method. The taste of espresso is very concentrated and commonly served in a small cup. Espresso is also popularly used as the base for other beverages such as caffe latte, caffe macchiato, cafe mocha, cappuccino, flat white, or café Americano. The coffee to make espresso usually are finer than the common coffee ground and may be available in whole beans or in ground form. One brand that offer whole coffee to be used in espresso is Lavazza coffee with their Super Crema product.

About Lavazza Super Crema
Lavazza Super Crema is a medium roast coffee beans. The beans used comes from different regions, such as natural Arabica from Brazil, washed Indian Arabica and high quality Columbian and Robusta from Indonesia and Vietnam. This blend has medium to full body and medium to strong taste. The Lavazza Super Crema has Honey and dried fruit hints of aroma and is velvety cream when brewed. Since this is a whole coffee beans, you will need to grind it first before using it. It is recommended to grind it only before you want to use it and grind it into finer powder to get the richest flavor and aroma out of the coffee beans.

Cappuccino vs Espresso

- Sweet white chocolate mingles with milky caramel
- Tastes like decadent as dessert
- Add it to your coffee as a substitue for cream and sugar
- Mild and creamy medium espresso roast with notes of honey, almonds, and dried fruit
- Blended and roasted in Italy
- Suitable for espresso (fine grinding) and drip coffee (coarse grinding) preparations

When it comes to choosing, which one taste better between cappuccino and espresso, we might already have our own answer. Some people may prefer the taste of cappuccino and some may prefer the taste of espresso. We know that compared to cappuccino espresso has stronger taste and flavor, it is also more concentrated and only serve in a small amount of liquid. For those who likes milder beverages, we will recommend you cappuccino. Try our recommendation the Hill Bros Cappuccino Sugar Free French Vanilla above. But for those who need a stronger drink, we will recommend you the rich espresso.

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