Bunn Speed Brew vs NHS Velocity Brew

Choosing the best brewer may not as easy as it seems for there are so many brands out there claiming to be the best. However, if you are on for simpler and affordable brewer, Bunn Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew are great options to go. If you want a dependable brewer with fast operation, you should check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Bunn Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew
– How the Machines Look Like
– What Bunn Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew can offer to you
– Bunn Speed Brew vs NHS Velocity Brew

About Bunn Speed Brew
Bunn Speed Brew is a coffee brewing system for home use. This brewer is one of the most popular among coffee drinkers for its ability in serving your coffee in half the time of top selling machines in the market. Coming from Bunn, you can expect that this brewer will last for a long time. If you are a regular coffee drinker that prefer black coffee or regular coffee, owning a home brewer like Bunn Speed Brew is great idea.

Bunn Speed Brew Design
From the outside, this brewer look just like the other Bunn brewer with a simple and tough look. The body is mainly build from plastic with stainless steel in some of its part. The coffee carafe comes with the brewer is made from clear glass and plastic handle. There is a switch located at the foot of the unit to turn on the water heater and another one located at the head of the brewer is used to turn on the warmer when you done brewing.

Bunn Speed Brew Features
As it have been mentioned above, Bunn Speed Brew boast its capability in serving your coffee deliciously within a short time. The company claimed that this brewer will brew your coffee in full carafe only within 4 minutes. This is a great deal since some more expensive similar machines in the market will need more time to serve you the same amount. The carafe full capacity is 10 cups or 50 oz. so it is good for those with big family or those who often served coffee to their guest.

But if you live alone or plan on enjoying the coffee yourself, you can make only 4 cups of coffee. Since the carafe is made from glass as expected it can’t retain heat after the coffee is done. But you don’t have to worry, since Bunn Speed Brew also comes with a warmer plate located at the bottom of the carafe place. You can switch the warmer with a switch located at the head of the machine.

To brew your coffee ground perfectly, Bunn Speed Brew water tank is designed to heat the water into the ideal temperature to extract the best taste out from your ground into your cup in every operation. The sprayhead is uniquely designed to create a turbulence in the brew funnel and then uniformly showers over the ground and give you that smooth delicious flavor you will surely love.

When it is about maintaining, Bunn Speed Brew won’t need complicated treatment. After each use, you should wash the brew funnel and glass carafe with hand or with a dishwasher, just make sure to use non-abrasive dish soap. To keep the water ideal for the brewing process, it is better to clean the water tank to remove its natural mineral content deposit every 3 months.

About NHS Velocity Brew
NHS Velocity Brew is another popular brewing system from Bunn. This brewer popularity is actually higher than its brother we have talked above and it is not without reason. Velocity promised its user that it is one of the fastest brewer in the market but with more affordable price than many similar machines out there. For those who would like to simplify their daily caffeine intake or those whose family loves coffee, you may want to own a fast brewer like NHS Velocity Brew.

NHS Velocity Design
From the outside, there is nothing special about NHS Velocity Brew. It still comes with the standard look of Bunn brewer you may already familiar of. The body is constructed from plastic materials and stainless steel in the machine’s head and brewing tank. Located at the brewer head, there is a switch used to turn on the warmer plate at the bottom of the carafe place and at the foot there is vacation switch to turn on the brewer. The carafe is made from clear glass with a plastic handle.

NHS Velocity Brew Features
As it have been mentioned earlier, one of the best thing in NHS Velocity Brew is its brewing speed. The machine promise you to serve your coffee in around 3 minutes, which is impressive since many similar machines from other brands even those with more expensive prices can’t perform that fast. In this short 3 minutes, the brewer is able to produce 50 oz. of coffee, which is also the carafe full capacity. For similar brewer, check our article on Bunn NHS vs GRB here.

This amount is enough even if you are a person with a big family or those who drank more than 3 cups of coffee per day. However, if you are living alone, you can adjust the water to only make 4 cups of coffee whenever you want. As you can see, since the carafe is made from glass, you can’t make it to keep your coffee warmer after it done brewing. To overcome the issue, NHS Velocity Brew have a warmer plate located at the bottom of the carafe.

The water tank is made from stainless steel to heat your water faster to its ideal temperature. The key why NHS Velocity Brew is able to work fast is because the water heater is always on, so the brewer is ready at any moment time. Multi-stream spray head will makes the water sprayed evenly on your ground, so the perfect taste can be fully extracted to your cup and won’t create a bitter taste.

Now, let’s compare Bunn Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew. From the outside, both brewers are different especially from the water tank design. NHS Velocity Brew have more stainless steel material than Bunn Speed Brew. However, the most important difference between the is the brewing speed, since Bunn Speed Brew only able to brew within 4 minutes while NHS Velocity Brew is faster with 3 minutes. Aside from those two, both brewers have the same features.

Bunn Speed Brew vs NHS Velocity Brew

- Bunn-engineered sprayhead extends the contact time between water and grounds resulting in Coffee taste comparable to your favorite restaurant or Cafe
- The very best of our gravity drip innovation reimagined in a contemporary, curved design
- Internal water tank keeps water constantly heated to optimal temperature so you can brew a full pot in about 4 minutes
- Pour-o-matic drip-free glass carafe is specifically designed to eliminate spillage down the side of the carafe and on the warming plate
- Fastest 10-Cup Home Coffeemaker* brews a full pot of coffee in about 3 minutes
- An always hot internal hot water is ready to brew hot coffee on demand
- Multi-stream spray head showers hot water evenly over the coffee grounds
- Large flat bottom filter and funnel allows greater interaction between hot water and coffee grounds for superior flavor extraction

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, it is best to pick NHS Velocity Brew since it can perform faster and comes with a more affordable price than Bunn Speed Brew.

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