Bunn GRB vs BXB

Bunn GRB and BXB are two home brewing systems from Bunn. Both unit not only has the same appearance but also comes with the same features. The fact that both are sold in different price is making people asking what is their difference. If you are also curious about whether they are the same or not, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Bunn GRB and BXB
– How Bunn GRB and BXB look like
– How to use Bunn GRB and BXB
– What Bunn GRB and BXB can offer to you
– Bunn GRB vs BXB

About Bunn GRB
Bunn GRB is one coffee brewer system by the famous dispensed beverage equipment Bunn. Taken from Wikipedia, this company is also the inventor of bottom fluted coffee filter as well as pour over drip coffee brewer. What you need to takes note about their coffee machines is not all of them are available worldwide, but if you are living in the United States or Canada, you can get them pretty easily. For those who drink coffee regularly in their daily life, Bunn GRB is defintely a great and affordable choice.

Bunn GRB Design
From the outside, you can see that the unit look just like many other Bunn brewers, it comes with square water reservoir at the top of the unit and a glass carafe with plastic handles. The body of Bunn GRB is made from plastic material in black color and stainless steel in some parts with very simple look and minimum control. In fact you will only find a switch in the front top of the unit used to brew your coffee.

Bunn GRB Operation
As it have been mentioned earlier, Bunn GRB comes with very little to no settings, so you can expect to use it right from the box since there are none to set. To use the unit, first, you have to place coffee filter into the brew funnel and add your coffee ground. Second, pour cold water into the brewer and place the carafe under the brew funnel. Third, turn on the unit and wait for your coffee done brewing. For similar brewer, check our previous article on Bunn BXB Vs NHS here.

Bunn GRB Features
Bunn GRB boast its capability in brewing your coffee under 3 minutes. With only 3 minutes, the machine is capable of brewing approximately up to 10 cups of coffee. This amount is sufficient enough for people who often drink coffee, have a big family or often serve coffee for their guest. Even if you want to drink it alone, the machine will keep your coffee warm even after brewing since it also have warmer plate.

Other important capability in the unit is its spray head design, which ensure you that the coffee ground are evenly sprayed with water for optimum extraction at the ideal temperature to extract its best taste. Just in case if you are not in the mood for a coffee and want to drink something else like hot chocolate or tea, Bunn GRB also able to produce only hot water, so you won’t have to boil your water in your cooktop using kettle.

The lack of control in Bunn GRB is making the machine appealing and unappealing in different people’s eyes. The lack of control is great for people who are not used to custom their drink, but for people who prefer to brew their coffee in specific settings, Bunn GRB will not satisfy your demand. However, for a standard home brewing system, the unit still offer sufficient features.

About Bunn BXB
Bunn BXB is also one of the Bunn home brewer system. The unit does look alike if not the same with its brother GRB we have talked above. Marketed as home brewer system, the unit offer the simplicity above anything else. For those who likes to keep their coffee hot and simple, you may want to own this brewer. From the price point, you can say that it is pretty affordable but you may find other similar product to be more affordable.

Bunn BXB Design
Bunn BXB still have the same appearance of typical Bunn machines; with very little to no detail resembling industrial machines. The body is made from plastic in black color with stainless steel in some of its part. It comes with a glass carafe with a plastic handle that can takes up to 10 cups maximum. The switch used to brew your coffee is located at the front top or in the outside of its water reservoir.

Bunn BXB Operation
Similar like other Bunn brewer, the operation of Bunn BXB is also very simple and similar to GRB. Before using the unit make sure to fill the internal hot water tank with water and let it heat to the correct brewing temperature and after the initial setup then you can start making your coffee. First, place the coffee ground into coffee filter in the brewer funnel.

Second, fill the water reservoir and place the carafe below the water. Third, turn on the switch to start brewing and then you only have to wait until it is done.

Bunn BXB Features
Bunn BXB is able to brew your coffee up to 10 cups per operation within 3 minutes, which is impressive since some other product that comes with higher price need more time to serve the same amount of coffee. 10 cups is considered enough for a home brewer system whether you are living alone or with a big family. This amount also perfect for those who prefer serving their guest with coffee.

Besides making coffee, the machine is able to produce only hot water to brew your coffee or making another beverage when you are not in mood for coffee. Bunn BXB unique sprayhead will be able to create turbulence needed to wet the grounds evenly in an attempt to extract the best taste out of your ground. To prevent your coffee from becoming too bitter, Bunn BXB heat water around 200 degree Fahrenheit to serve you flavorful coffee without the bitter taste.

Now, let’s compare Bunn GRB with Bunn BXB. As you may already guessed, both unit have the same features as well as appearances. They can brew your coffee quickly around 3 minutes per 10 cups carafe as well as spray head for optimum extraction. What differ both unit is only the fact that they have slightly different carafe shape. Bunn BXB also only available for customer across United States while Bunn GRB is sold to several selected countries.

Bunn GRB vs BXB

- Fastest 10-Cup Home Coffeemaker* brews a full pot of coffee in about 3 minutes
- An always hot internal hot water is ready to brew hot coffee on demand
- Multi-stream spray head showers hot water evenly over the coffee grounds
- Large flat bottom filter and funnel allows greater interaction between hot water and coffee grounds for superior flavor extraction
- Brews 4 to 10 cups (20 to 50 oz) in about 3 minutes
- Glass carafe and porcelain-coated warming plate with lighted on/off switch
- Brew ten cups in approximately three minutes. Vacation switch automatically turns heat off
- Internal hot water tank keeps water constantly heated to optimal temperature

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Since both have the same capabilities, we will highly recommend the more affordable Bunn GRB so you can save more compare to its brother Bunn BXB.

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