Bonavita BV1800 vs Technivorm Moccamaster

Owning a home brewer is important for coffee drinkers, especially for those who loves drip coffee rather than espresso. Bonavita BV1800 and Technivorm Moccamaster are two great choices when it comes to home brewers. If you are interested in purchasing home brewer, you may want to read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Bonavita BV1800 and Technivorm Moccamaster
– What Bonavita BV1800 and Technivorm Moccamaster can offer to you
– Bonavita BV1800 vs Technivorm Moccamaster

About Bonavita BV1800
Bonavita BV1800 is a home coffee brewers by the famous coffee brewer and small home appliances Bonavita. This company products is reputable for their high quality and excellent capabilities in serving their purposes. From the outside look, you may won’t expect the greatness of Bonavita BV1800 since the item does look very average and unappealing, but you will be impressed once you try the coffee made with the brewer. Bonavita BV1800 is SCAA certified home brewers along with not so many other brewers. This certification means that the brewers have pass or meets the Specialty Coffee Association of America rigorous technical requirements, such as proper water temperature, brewing time and the ability of brewing coffee under SCAA golden cup recommendation. To put it simply, this is a great home brewer.

Bonavita BV1800 Ease of Use
As it have been mentioned above, when you look at the item you may not expect the brewer to be capable of providing you with great brew. Unlike many fancy brewers, you will not find any complicated settings on the item but only one button, which is the on/off button. To use Bonavita BV1800 is very simple, you will only need to fill the filter basket with your preferred coffee ground blend and water to the container then flick the on/off button. The machine then will heat the water and brew your coffee in a few minutes. If you need another brewer recommendation you may want to read our article on Bonavita BV1800 vs BV1900 here.

Bonavita BV1800 Features
Bonavita BV1800 comes with 1455 watt heater to heat the water quickly and then maintaining it so it won’t be too hot or too cool to help you get the optimal brewed coffee. Since too hot or too cool water will change and produce an imbalance flavor profile and other undesirable qualities. This heater is designed to heat water faster and maintaining it throughout the brewing process, so you don’t have to wait long for your delicious coffee. The carafe of Bonavita BV1800 is another great thing from this brewer since it is made from stainless steel with thermal properties, so instead of using heating plate like other homebrewers out there, it keeps the heat inside the carafe to make your coffee warm longer.

In one brewing, Bonavita BV1800 is able to provide you with 8 cups of coffee, which is great if you have more than two adults in your family or when serving coffee to your guests, since you don’t have to make it multiple times. Once brewed the coffee inside the carafe will stay warm for hours and with a strong handle, you can pour the coffee easily. The stainless steel carafe is also makes the item last longer, since you won’t shatter it even if you accidentally drop it unlike those made from glass, which is very fragile. It also easy to clean and you will not have an issue about cleaning it with your hand.

About Technivorm Moccamaster
Technivorm Moccamaster is a home coffee brewer and currently one of the most popular home coffee brewer in the world. Many people will say that the item is too expensive for a home coffee brewer, but for those with more to spend, you may fine with the price offered to get this fine brewer. Unlike many brewers that was assembly or made in China Technivorm Moccamaster is a product if Netherlands, moreover they was said to be hand built, so it is somehow understandable that it comes with not so affordable price. The machine is highly reputable and said to be able to produce outstanding coffee, especially if you are using high quality beans.

Technivorm Moccamaster Ease of Use
Many people are admiring the build and design of Technivorm Moccamaster with its clean lines, sharp angles and many negative space. It combines some metal, some clear plastics and some glass. However, the build may have nothing to do with its ability to give you an outstanding coffee result and for some people the outer appearance may not appeal much depend on their taste. To brew your coffee with the brewer, you will need to fill the water tank, put paper filter and coffee grounds and swivel the water outlet arm into place over the basket. Then you have to place the Brew Thru Lid on the thermal carafe mouth and flick on the switch.

Technivorm Moccamaster Features
Technivorm Moccamaster comes with thermal carafe to keep your coffee warm longer and with heavy duty broiler, it can bring the water to 198°F to 205°F quickly and then maintain it between 176°F to 185°F during brewing process. The carafe is claim to be able to fill 10 cups in each brew, however, the Europe and American cup are different. Technivorm Moccamaster maximum capacity is 40 oz, so it will not fill 10 cups of regular American cup, which measure in at 6 ounces. After the brewing process done, you can directly pull the carafe without having to unscrew the Brew Thru Lid above it. Technivorm Moccamaster carafe doesn’t have the traditional spout to help you pour the coffee instead it was shaped like a high collared metal funnel, but with this design you can practically pour your coffee from any direction or angle.

Now, let’s compare Bonavita BV1800 with Technivorm Moccamaster. From the general use, both is practically easy to use, but you will need just little more with Technivorm Moccamaster since it have the Brew Thru Lid. From the price point of view, we already know that Technivorm Moccamaster is indeed pricier than its rival. From the performance, Technivorm Moccamaster work better in producing more delicious coffee especially from high quality beans.

Bonavita BV1800 vs Technivorm Moccamaster

- One-Touch brew operation
- Powerful and precise 1400-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195 degree-205 degree (91 degree-96 Degree Celsius)
- Showerhead designed for complete saturation and optimal extraction
- Durable, stainless steel lined thermal carafe keeps coffee warm
- Carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead are dishwasher safe and all plastic is BPA-free
- Manual-adjust drip-stop brew-basket with stainless steel thermal carafe
- Simple to operate and quiet brewing process that brews a full carafe in just 4 to 6 minutes
- Unique, copper boiling element rapidly heats water to control brewing temperature between 196º to 205º F which is important for coffee soluble extraction, then automatically switches off when the water reservoir is empty
- Ideal water saturation time to maximize coffee complexity, flavor and aroma – Achieved through a cone shape brew-basket design that regulates a 6 minute steep
- Made with durable metal housings and BPA/BPS/BPF & Phthalate free plastics

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In the term of quality, Technivorm Moccamaster is better than Bonavita BV1800. But the price is making many people reluctant to purchase the brewer especially for those who can’t spend much. In our opinion, if you brew mostly with regular beans, Bonavita BV1800 is a better option.

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