Baratza Encore vs Hario V60 Grinder

Baratza Encore vs Hario V60 Grinder are among the most popular coffee grinders in the market right now. They both have received lots of positive reviews. Now, the question is, which one is better? The discussion below will put Baratza Encore and Hario V60 Grinder against each other to determine the best coffee grinder for home and small café applications.

What we are going to discuss below include:
– The design and build quality of each coffee grinder here
– The grind range and number of settings on each model
– The special features of Baratza Encore vs Hario V60 Grinder
– The comparison of their performance and grind quality
– Which coffee grinder that is more recommended for you

Baratza Encore: Design
Baratza Encore has been touted as one of the very best coffee grinders in the entry-level class. It comes at an affordable price point, yet it offers a good build quality and impressive performance. See also: Baratza Encore vs Capresso Infinity

The company is not joking about the build quality. In contrast with other models in this price range, which are often meant to be thrown away once they are worn, the company encourages you to maintain Baratza Encore. The parts availability is very good, so you can just replace the parts that have been worn and you won’t ever need to buy a new coffee grinder in the future. Plus, the coffee grinder itself is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Although the housing is made of plastic, it is very solid and durable. It is given high-quality steel burrs that are not only tough, but also very precise.

Baratza Encore has a black exterior which appears beautiful and elegant. It pairs well with the semi-transparent bean hopper and grind container which have a slight black tint. Interestingly, Hario V60 Grinder also has a black color and a semi-transparent bean hopper.

The bean hopper of Baratza Encore vs Hario V60 Grinder is slightly smaller. It has a capacity of 8 oz. However, there is an optional extension accessory which you can purchase to add 9 oz additional capacity on top of the bean hopper – quite useful when you need to grind a lot of coffee, though not many people need to grind that much. Meanwhile, the grind container has a capacity of 5 oz.

Baratza Encore: Features
One defining feature of Baratza Encore is the hands-on manual control. There are two ways for you to grind coffee: by pressing the pulse button, or by twisting the on/off knob.

The pulse button is useful for on-demand grinding. As long as you keep pushing the button, the grinder will continue grinding. This way, you can easily monitor the amount of ground coffee, and you can stop right away once the desired amount of coffee has been collected.

The on/off knob is useful for continuous grinding. Simply twist the knob to the “on” position, and the grinder will continue grinding until you twist the knob to “off”. This will allow you to do other things, such as preparing the coffee cup and water, while waiting for the desired amount of ground coffee.

When choosing between Baratza Encore vs Hario V60 Grinder, you have to consider whether you want to make espresso or not. If you do, Baratza Encore is the better choice. This grinder is able to grind coffee into fine particles as small as 250 microns, whereas the coarsest grind has an average size of 1,200 microns. Hario V60 Grinder won’t be able to produce fine grinds for espresso.

Furthermore, Baratza Encore has 40 different grind settings to choose from. This will allow you to adjust the grind texture with great precision. As mentioned above, the burrs are very precise. They are able to produce accurate and uniform grinds at any setting.

Baratza Encore: Performance
Entry-level burr grinders typically struggle to produce uniform results, especially at the coarser settings. However, this is not the case with Baratza Encore. The overall performance is really impressive, though indeed, it is not perfectly flawless.

One advantage of Baratza Encore over Hario V60 Grinder is that it is able to make fine grinds properly. The fine grinds are very consistent and uniform. The particle size is small enough to allow you to brew quality espresso. Hence, for making espresso and Turkish coffee, Baratza Encore is more recommended.

Nevertheless, coarse settings prove to be the weakness of Baratza Encore. Make no mistake; the results are still fairly consistent and uniform. However, there are some fines (coffee dust) that get mixed with the grinds, and if not separated, the fines will get over-extracted during the brewing process and add some bitterness into the flavor. Baratza Encore can do French press grinds but this is not its strong point.

Baratza Encore runs at a low speed. The default configuration of the motor is set to 450 RPM. This is to minimize heat build-up and ensure that the coffee quality is preserved throughout the grinding process. However, expert users can fine-tune the motor to run between 405 RPM and 495 RPM in order to suit a specific purpose.

Hario V60 Grinder: Design
Now, we’ll continue with Hario V60 Grinder. You probably have heard a lot about the V60 coffee maker. This grinder is made by the same company that created V60 – in fact, this is their first grinder ever.

Hario V60 Grinder is not too expensive, though for now, we can’t say that it is cheap either. On the good side, you get what you pay for. The build quality is great, and this grinder offers speed, accuracy, and optimum grind quality.

The body is tall yet slim. There is a narrow cone-shaped bean hopper on the top, which has a capacity of 8.46 oz. This is a little bit bigger than the bean hopper of Baratza Encore. However, Hario V60 Grinder doesn’t have a grind container. Instead, it has a spout through which the ground coffee will get out, and you can put your V60 coffee maker right under it. There is also a “touch pad” to automate the grinding process.

Brewing coffee at home doesn’t need to be complicated. Unfortunately, there are so many grinding options and brewing methods to choose from, which may confuse even an experienced barista at times. Hario V60 Grinder aims to be simple yet effective. The black plastic housing is solid and durable. Choosing a grind setting is easy, as you only need to rotate the selector ring. It is also very easy to clean.

Hario V60 Grinder: Features
At first, when comparing Baratza Encore vs Hario V60 Grinder, you may think that Hario V60 Grinder has a wider grind range because it comes with more grind settings. There are 44 grind settings here.

However, that’s not exactly true. Hario V60 Grinder is not able to make fine grinds. The user manual also confirms this. Even at the finest available setting, the particle size of the ground coffee is still rather large. As the effect, Hario V60 Grinder is not recommended for brewing methods that require fine grinds, such as espresso and Turkish coffee.

However, medium grinds and coarse grinds from Hario V60 Grinder are great. With 44 grind settings, you can make adjustments in small increments for the most accurate result that suits your brewing method and coffee preference. In addition, there is a marking on the dial which indicates the best setting to use for brewing with a V60 coffee maker. Clearly, this grinder has been made to pair with the V60 coffee maker.

Hario V60 Grinder comes with steel conical burrs. The burrs are of high quality, and they seem to be able to last for a long time.

The control method is chosen with a switch on the side of the unit. There are three positions: on, off, and auto. The “on” and “off” positions are quite self-explanatory; Hario V60 Grinder will grind continuously as long as the switch is at the “on” position, and will stop when the switch is at the “off” position.

It is the “auto” setting that is interesting. It works with the “touch pad” on the front of the unit. When the switch is set to auto, Hario V60 Grinder will start grinding only when the touch pad is pressed. So, you can put a cup with the V60 coffee maker on the touch pad and let the grinder works. When you lift the cup, the grind action will stop immediately.

Hario V60 Grinder: Performance
The overall performance of Hario V60 Grinder is actually good. The results are uniform and consistent. The coarse settings have good particle distribution, and they have little to no coffee dust which may affect the flavor negatively. So, Hario V60 Grinder is an excellent choice for brewing methods that require medium or coarse grinds – V60, obviously, and then French press, syphon press, and cold brews.

However, Hario V60 Grinder is not suitable for most espresso makers and automatic coffee machines. These devices require fine grinds, yet Hario V60 Grinder is unable to make fine enough grinds.

Baratza Encore vs Hario V60 Grinder

- AWARD WINNING GRINDERS - Baratza grinders are preferred by Speciality Coffee professionals.
- GO-TO ENTRY LEVEL GRINDER - Baratza’s best selling grinder, with it’s small footprint it is THE choice for those brewing coffee at home.
- STRAIGHTFORWARD - A convenient, front-mounted pulse button plus a simple ON/OFF switch makes it easy to grind on demand.
- New and Improved with stronger grind shaft and burr stabilization plate, enabling more uniform grind.
- Ceramic conical burrs ensure a precise, uniform grind.
- Nonslip rubber base keeps the mill in place during grinding.

In general, Baratza Encore is more recommended because it is more versatile. It is particularly good at making fine grinds, but it can also make medium grinds and coarse grinds with pretty good quality. However, if you exclusively use coarse grinds, Hario V60 Grinder is the way to go.

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