Alien Bees B800

Go Into Paul C. Enthusiast’s line of Alien Bee flashes, which have actually long taken pleasure in cult status amongst lovers and experts alike for their outrageous price-to-performance ratio. Their mid-level offering is the B800 which at a cost point of $279.95 provides a max 320 watt/seconds of light. That is completely sufficient for a lot of fundamental item shots or indoor portraits. Keep in mind: These can just be purchased straight from the producer.

The AlienBees B800 is an effective, self-contained studio flash system with adjustable output from complete power (320 Ws) down to 1/32nd of the total power (10 Ws). This flashpower is changed on the back control panel with a slide fader, capable of changing in entire f-stop increments and all over in between. When adjusted from a greater to a lower setting, the system will automatically discard the excess power for precise output.

Consisted of:
– Alien Bees B800 Lights with carrying cases
– Pocket Wizard Plus II Transceiver
– Paul C. Buff 18″ Beauty Dish

Tech Specifications
– 6 f-stop power irregularity (10 Ws to 320 Ws)
– stepless slider adjustment from full to 1/32 power
– 1 second recycle to complete power
– 1/1100 2nd flash duration (t. 1) at full power
– internally fan cooled for sturdy use
– WYSIWYG modeling sneak peeks
– standard 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz power requirements
– 2.9 pounds overall weight
– 60-Day Outright Satisfaction Guarantee
– 2-Year Factory Service Warranty

With accuracy voltage controlled circuits supplying constant output, the B800 boasts real “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” modeling light precision. The modeling lamp can be set to complete brightness, turned totally off, or set to track the power changes. In addition, the basic 150 Watt modeling light might be utilized as a recycle indication, turning itself off when the system is recycling, and coming back on to let you understand when the unit is totally recycled and you are ready to shoot once again. Ready for heavy-duty, all-day shooting, the AlienBees have integrated cooling fans to stay up to date with their quick recycle.

The B800 shows up with a sync cord permitting you to connect your video camera to the unit to activate the flash. The system in addition has a built-in slave tripper to allow wireless shooting. The system has basic 120 VAC (50-60 Hz) power requirements and shows up with our 15-foot power cord to link to a requirement, grounded outlet for power.

The AlienBees item lineup is a budget-friendly (and some would state fun or whimsical) studio lighting setup. All of their lights are what are described as “strobes” because while they may have a light one while you set them up it is truly a short-duration flash of intense light that is utilized to light up a scene. The opposite technique is to utilize what are called “hot lights” and these lights function by being regularly intense throughout both setup and image taking.

Hot lights can be helpful for beginners due to the fact that they are totally “exactly what you see is exactly what you get” and you can rely on your camera’s integrated light meter to assist in assessing the scene. For strobes, one really needs to have a trusty light meter to configure their scene and to know how to effectively shoot it. You must also use a video camera with a totally manual setup (manual ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) or the camera will meter for the quantity of ambient light, not the extremely brilliant amount of light the strobes will produce when activated.

Alternatively, hot lights, as the name suggests, get hot and remain hot throughout their use. Important is that these hot lights take in a lot of power, which is essential not simply for keeping the electrical expense low, however also when thinking of an on-location shoot not near a power outlet. Examined here is the AB-800 and is the middle system in the AlienBees strobe head lineup. Similar to this strobe is the AlienBees RingFlash, which is evaluated individually.

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