There is a general misunderstanding by the consuming public as to the distinction in between a sanitizer and a disinfectant; the perception being that they are equally effective. Factually sanitizers just kill a portion of germs and infections (99.99% typically advertised) while a disinfectant eliminates 100%. Sanitizers are therefore just efficient at minimizing the variety of organisms present on a surface area, leaving the staying organisms to quickly reproduce after the sanitizer’s application. Moreover, the organisms that stay after the application of a sanitizer might end up being resistant to future sterilizing treatments thereby lowering the effectiveness of a sanitizer after duplicated applications.

PureGreen24, the very first “green” tough surface area disinfectant registered with the EPA, has actually been recognized by Grassroots Environmental Education, as fulfilling their strict requirements for kids’s health and wellness, leading to its classification as a ChildSafe item. PureGreen24 kills the most deadly of superbugs, yet also eliminates everyday home bacteria. Benefits include: fastest bacterial/ viral/ fungal pass the time, 24 Hr residual defense against Staph and EPA registration for usage on sports equipment and children’s toys (no rinsing needed).

PureGreen24 is a safe all natural formula that eliminates the most deadly of superbugs and everyday bacteria. PureGreen24 has a the most affordable EPA toxicity raing, is non-flammable, non-corrosive, odor free, non-irritable, kills unsafe viruses consisting of MRSA, yet EPA authorized for use on children’s toys at house. PureGreen24 has a residual efficiency for 24hrs.

What are bacteria?
Bacteria are tiny organisms or representatives. There are four major kinds of germs: germs, viruses, fungis, and protozoa. Difficult surfaces located in public locations are breeding grounds for germs. When an individual’s hand touches these surface areas, then touches their eyes, nose or mouth infection might happen. As an outcome of an infection cells in the body can be harmed causing illness. PureGreen24 is shown to eliminate many germs in 30 Seconds * thereby avoiding infection and illness.

How frequently should PureGreen24 be used?
Following cleansing, the recurring disinfectant properties of PureGreen24 stop (be mindful that most disinfectants have little to no residual disinfectant homes after they are used). Microfiber fabrics are suggested for the application of PureGreen24.

Why Does PureGreen24 expense more than bleach?
PureGreen24’s technology has no contrast to the active ingredient in the disinfectant your mother’s mom used. PureGreen24’s primary active ingredients are based on an advanced brand-new silver ion innovation made via a patented process.

Is PureGreen24 a cleaner?
PureGreen24 will clean up water soluble spills such as juice, but is not created to tidy up oily messes. If a surface has to be cleaned up; a cleansing product should be applied initially followed by PureGreen24 used as a final disinfecting action. When PureGreen24 is used with a Microfiber cloth you will now be cleaning while you are disinfecting.

PureGreen24’s active ingredient is SDC, comprised of silver ions and citric acid. The production process produces zero discharge with no waste or by-products. PureGreen24 is manufacturered from Silver Ions, Citric Acid and Purified Water. PureGreen24 consists of no alcohol, bleach or other harmful active ingredients.

1. Fast kill times
2. None of the chemicals in this product are thought about dangerous by OSHA
3. 24 Hr residual protection
4. EPA registered for usage on sports devices and children’s toys (no rinsing needed)
5. Kills numerous pressures of Staph (including MRSA)
6. Can be used in the presence of animals and human beings
7. Enhanced client satisfaction by supplying an enjoyable enviro
8. Controls the spread of germs; Lower employee/client disease
9. Operations Expense Savings (Less regular application, No protective equipment required during application, No opportunity of injury due to mishap or misuse, No rinsing required)
10. Meets School System and Office complex Green requirements
11. Deodorizes
12. EPA Registered in all 50 states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
13. Made and bottled in the USA
14. PureGreen24 is based on PURE Bioscience’s trademarked Silver Ion SDC technology

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