Blackstar HT20

The HT Studio 20 combination is the huge brother of our seriously acclaimed HT-5 and provides huge versatility for house, studio or practice session usage. The carefully voiced preamp coupled with a cathode-biased EL34 power amp, offers the user with the capability to produce splendidly rich valve tones through the 12″ Celestion speaker. The Studio 20 is everything you require to create and influence in one flexible unit. Supplied with a 1-way footswitch and loaded with a celestion speaker, it’s whatever you need for the studio environment.

– 20 Watt valve combination
– 2xECC83, 2xEL34
– Two footswitchable channels
– 12″ Celestion speaker
– Enhanced tone controls
– Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
– Master volume
– Digital reverb
– Speaker replicated output
– Effects loop
– 1-way footswitch consisted of
– Cool vintage styling

The Tidy Channel on the Blackstar tube amp provides a wide variety of moderately overdriven and clean tones. The voicing is normal of numerous ’boutique’ style amplifiers with a ringing Class A type performance. The general character might be changed with the Tone control from warm and dark through to brilliant and gleaming.

The HT Studio 20 Overdrive Channel is identified by a tone that’s high in gain, but lacks any of the removed top-end ‘fizz’ often discovered in numerous comparable styles. The overdrive cleans up magnificently as the guitar volume is decreased, so even at the most severe settings, the Overdrive Channel stays natural sounding. The ISF control shifts the response of the three-control tone stack between a U.S.-type response at one end, and at the other a U.K.-type action.

The carefully voiced preamp and cathode-biased dual EL34 power amp configuration supplies the user with the capability to create wonderfully lavish tube tones. From mild overdrive, that tidies up by backing off the guitar volume control, to highly saturated distortion, this amp does it all. The HT Studio 20 likewise features an entirely natural sounding digital reverb, which is outstandingly musical on both tidy and crunch tones and raises the standard for guitar amplifier particular reverb design.

Blackstar HT20 Studio 20 1×12 Combo
The “HT Venue” Series of amps is the most current terrific style in Blackstar’s line of amps. These medium-priced, medium-powered amps provide performance that is every bit as pro as their premium Series One line. As you most likely know, Blackstar are well-known for being able to produce highly versatile tube amps at amazing costs. A lot of amps in this cost variety do one thing well, but the HT Place amps provide lavish cleans, and excellent British & American drives easily. Just take a look at the range of tones the Venue series can attain in the video demonstration of the Studio 20 listed below.

Here’s what Blackstar say about the HT Studio 20 Combo
Whether you’re looking for that classic British ‘woody’ tone or a tighter, more aggressive American noise, Blackstar’s HT Location Series delivers everything – and more. These tube geared up amps are loaded with developments and tone and flexible enough to provide pure boutique cleans up and ripping overdrives in one portable bundle – making them perfect for the working musician. Thanks to our distinct Infinite Forming Feature (ISF) you can dial in the all tone you desire, from British to American and anything in between.

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